12 Decor and Household Tips for Migraine Sufferers

So you, like me, are a
chronic migraine sufferer.
But that bane of your life is the last thing you think about when you’re all excited about re-decorating or re-organising your special place.
Here are 12 points you might want to consider when next you go on a
décor or reorganisation splurge.

One – Mirrors and strong light sources

Ensure your mirror only receives diffused light or that a light source is not fully reflected into your face when lying down/waking up. Choose darker neutral shades and textures for lampshades like wicker, grass, earthy colours and navy blues.

wicker focused If too much light hits your bed, and you cannot move it into an alcove, consider a poster bed or additional curtained areas to further limit light irritation.

Two – Blinds and Drapes

Use block-out drapes or heavy dark fabric blinds. Wooden slatted blinds are not recommended as the sound of a breeze going through them or moving them will drive you nuts during your migraine attack.

canvas blinds

Three – Bedside Carpet

Place a thickish carpet by your bed so that cold tile don’t make your feet cringe when you first step out of bed. A textured carpet is best as the feel of it can help massage your feet and relax them further.

Four – Sound

Find your soothing source of sound – windchimes, a miniature water feature or a CD of chants that is not too loud. This should help get your mind off the pain and to lull you to sleep.


Five – Reversibles

Use reversible covers and linens where possible so that too bright tones can be easily muted.

swatch 2

Six – Water flask

Keep a flask of warm water on your bedside table in your favourite colour. Alternatively, use a thermal mug.

Seven – Dampen sound

Hang carpets or recycle blankets on walls to dampen noisy neighbours or other sources of sound irritation.


Eight – Scent

Leave your favourite scent diffusers near a steady stream of fresh air. Wooden sticks are best and safest. Popular scents include: Lavender, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Sandalwood and Frankincense are also quite effective.

stick incense burner

Nine – Keeping warm

Have various polar fleece blankets or throws around your favourite seats to keep your body temperature up. The blue to purple spectrum can be quite soothing.

Ten – Pillows and neck support

If you don’t have a pillow which supports your neck, try rolling up an old scarf or two and place as a neck roll.

swatch 3

Eleven – Accident Prevention

Tape down sliding carpets on slippery falls avoid accidents when rushing to the bathroom.

Always buy kettles and other electrical appliances with safety cutoffs.

Keep your migraine kit in the top cupboard of the bathroom or kitchen away from children and pets. Ensure the box has an easy catch so there’s no struggling to get it open quickly.

Remember to keep some ginger tea or sweets to help dissipate nausea.

Twelve – Sparkly things

Avoid glittery/sparkly accessories, chrome finishes and highly polished surface in your bedroom and other places of retreat. They tend to reflect and focus light when you least want or expect them. Favour matte finishes and gently luminous finishes.

If you have any other practical ideas of making migraine attacks more bearable and comfortable, let us know 🙂

Leenna has been a dealing with migraines for the past 25 years. She has by now her own personal ways of coping with these heads.


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