If You’re Like me -NanoWriMo 2014

If you’re like me, you didn’t finish this last NanoWriMo of 2014.

Like me, you may have found that while it got you a way into your newly created novel, it wasn’t much fun.

Have you also been grateful to the guys and gals at NanoWriMo for helping you focus during week one or two, but found that your slow and steady pace is more comfortable (with less editing) than the mounting sense of tension and stress that you couldn’t help but experience with every email of week three and four?

Did you too have the revelation that you are more of a solitary writer, bonding vaguely with your keyboard, excited by the sudden twists and turns which each new plot point brings; and determined that to do this story justice, it needs more than a month to complete? I know I did. In fact, I discovered my limitations and tendencies this past NanoWriMo. I discovered that I can start a book and still complete it, when I and the story are both ready. I discovered that I have certain processes that I must go through to maintain creativity and logic in my story world. And that research must be done because fixing something later would be like major surgery – you never quite know if the story will recover fully.

So I am thankful to the NanoWriMo team for their efforts and almost feel sad that I am not a comfortable part of that camaraderie. But I work better as a solitary writer.
I applaud all the NanoWriMo winners for their achievement and wish them well in their writing careers, wishing that I too could write 50 000 words a month. But I cannot. Not at the beginning of a book. Or maybe not ever.

So I say goodbye to the world of NanoWriMo, glad that I have attempted it, but certain I shan’t again.

Best wishes,


The Incident At Wolfe Creek (excerpt) was Leenna’s attempt for the November 2014 NanoWriMo Challenge. She hopes to complete this work before July 2015.


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