Results of competition

It was disappointing to see no entries for my rhyme competition. Perhaps it was just the wrong time of year for such an undertaking, or no-one cared for the prize, or no-one cared enough for the rhyme. Nevermind, I still have a rhyme for you.

So, with no winning entry to post, here is one of my favourite rhymes from NVaugh7 which always reminds me of a modern day skewed version of Lucky Luke. If you like it, you can download NVaughn7’s Flashie Things v1 for free at Smashwords.

So without further adieu, here is

Band of Robbers
by NVaugh7

Crazy Luke robbed a bank
with his brother Fed Up Frank.

“You got the loot?”
Luke held up his lute.
“Don’t you try to be cute!”
And Frank kicked Luke in the glute.

“Now take this sum…”
Luke grabbed a drum.
“Just you be mum!”
And Frank kicked Luke in the bum.

“Now get this right!”
Luke got ready to fight.
“I know you’re not too bright,
but things are tight.”

Said Luke, “I gave you a hand,
but this I can’t stand.
You treat me like sand!
I’m quitting this band!”


2 thoughts on “Results of competition

  1. I wasn’t aware of your competition, but to be honest, rhyme does not come easy to me. It is never easy when we put effort, time and love / hope into a project and then the results does not meet with our expectations. I have also had something similar happen recently. I hope that you will experience a better result the next time round!


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