Learning To Fly

Yes, the song by Pink Floyd.

I’ve  loved this song as a teenager.
So wistful. such a longing to be free…

And still…

…the desire of an ‘Earthbound misfit’  resonates with me, ‘cos I am one too.

I loved the video too, but have never felt the compulsion to jump off an actual cliff. Since then, I’ve jumped off many metaphorical ones. Twenty years later, here I am, still a fledgling…

Sometimes I crash and burn.
Sometimes I glide gracefully through life.
Sometimes I lose sight ‘of the circling sky’ and that’s even more terrifying than ‘suspended animation’.

I hate seeing the ground rushing towards me, knowing that the hurt is inevitable.
Yet, my wings have grown stronger, my eyes keener.

And I can fly further.

I can spot and avoid obstacles and predators much more easily.

I’m still to fly as high as I’d dream I would, though.

I’ve still to follow ‘the ribbon of black’ to its source.
But I’m determined to keep trying.

Because I’m becoming the aviator I’d like to be–my soul’s intention slowly realising.

So with my ‘grubby halo’ ( is there any other kind?) and my shadow flying along with me, I’ll still take leaps of faith; ‘cos I’m still
‘tongue-tied and twisted,
just an earthbound misfit,
am still learning to fly.

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