Ever wondered what a novel in its Beta phase looks and reads like?
Ever wanted to be immortalized on the Thank You page of a fun novel?
Ever wanted to be one of the first to have read a novel before it comes out?
Here’s your chance!

If you’re a fast reader.
If you love romance/adventure/humor/suspense…
If you like telling authors what you like and don’t like.
If you’re eagle-eyed when it comes to typos and other gremlins.
Then you’re the one I’m looking for.


Just some glory and a little digital gift.

I’m looking for 6-10 beta readers for my ebook novel: Settle Down Now.
It’s around 59 000 words or 200 pages.

Possible cover for Settle Down Now
Possible cover for Settle Down Now

Here’s a little about the story:
He’s got more secrets than sense. She has more cents than secrets!
Billionaire Charmaine Donnet’s search for Mr Right has gone public in one of the most humiliating ways. Her dating coach and trusted friend Joss is pulling out all the stops to turn introvert Charmaine into a celebrity of the reality show sort.
Charmaine now finds herself interviewing potential Mr Rights live on air, going on second meetings live on TV, and being wooed while on board the beautiful ketch, The Sunflower. But all’s not bright and beautiful at sea.
First there’s the captain, Robert Hart, the one man who truly hurt Charmaine and whom, she suspects, would do anything to hurt her again. Then there is Joss who is behaving less like a friend and more like an enemy. Finally, there’s the six potential Mr Rights, one or two of whom might do anything to win.
Charmaine’s dark forebodings that her search for Mr Right is going drastically wrong, seem totally justified when one of the potential Mr Rights goes missing at sea.

Interested? Message me on FB or fill in the form below:
Your full name

I need ten of you at the most, to let me know if you’re in ASAP!
Thanks 😀


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