5 Places to Satisfy Chocolate Cravings in Harbin

If you’re headed to Harbin…

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When visiting the Ice Festival City of Harbin in China, there’s not much that can beat a good hit of chocolate and coffee in the winter, especially when it’s -35C outside and dropping.

Snow sculpture Part of the scenery of Harbin’s Annual Ice Festival

Zhongyang or Central Street, Harbin Zhongyang or Central Street, Harbin

Whether it’s a delicious Black Forest Cake, a chocolate fondant or the decadence a Belgian Choc chip muffin, these affordable options will comfort and soothe the icy blues away without breaking your budget.

Costas – Belgian Choc Muffin

costa_coffeeStarbucks biggest rival in China beats them hands down when it comes to chocolate muffins. Dark cocoa dotted with real, honest to goodness Belgian chocolate chunks see to multiple cravings for under 20RMB a muffin.
Add a milky hot chocolate if you really must, or have a nice Italian coffee instead, all for around 50RMB.
With two main outlets in ZhongYang Street’s shopping centres, Costas…

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