Settle Down Now Press Release

Settle Down Now is finally ready for public consumption! It’s awaiting the green flag from Smashwords for premium distribution, so it will be a week or so before all its details are current on other sites.

In the meantime, here’s my first (ever) press release for it.

Be sure to visit the Settle Down Now Pages and enter the giveaway if you’d like a free read.

Who has the secrets? Who has the cents?

Settle Down Now, the novel,
launches end April 2015!

Leenna Naidoo’s second major South African novel has all the romance, humor, and suspense you’ve been craving.

Durban, South Africa, 18 April 2015

Author quote

Settle Down Now is so much fun, it makes me glow with happiness!

Why I wrote this book?

I began writing Settle Down Now in November 2013 for the NanoWriMo Challenge whilst teaching English in China. It was not a fun time in my life. Charmaine is just so outspoken and full of life. She’s a great role-model for me. Writing Settle Down Now provided the much needed fun and optimism that I craved. I hope that it will do the same for my readers.

About the author:

Leenna grew up in Durban, South Africa. She’s old enough to have experienced some amazing changes in the world, and young enough to think we can still make this a fun, healthy world. She’s always thinking too much, evidence of which can be found on her blog: Inbetweener at

About the book:

m_Settle Down Now 10Billionaire Charmaine Donnet’s search for Mr Right has gone public in the most humiliating way. Her dating coach, and trusted friend Joss, has decided to turn introvert Charmaine’s quest into a hit reality TV show. Charmaine finds herself interviewing potential Mr Rights live on air, and being wooed on the Indian Ocean while on board the beautiful yacht, The Sunflower. But it’s not all plain sailing. There’s Captain Robert Hart, the one man who truly hates Charmaine and whom, she suspects, would do anything to hurt her again. There’s Joss who’s behaving more like an enemy; and there’s the six potential Mr Rights–some of whom will do anything to win. Events take a dark turn when one of the potential Mr Rights goes missing at sea. Will Charmaine survive this desperate Hart’s cruise?

About the character:

Charmaine Donnet is a Durbanite living simply near her parents. She’s kind, bubbly and funny. She’s the girl down the road or the one who’s helping out in the kitchen at parties. Why no guy has asked her to be his bride is a mystery solved only on board The Sunflower.
If you like your romance laced with suspense and some action; authentic locations ranging from Edinburgh to Richards Bay and beyond; and characters much like your classmates and neighbors; then you’ll love Settle Down Now.

Quotes from Settle Down Now:

Charmaine on John and Joan:
‘The best styling team in the country!’ Joss had thrilled. Her name was Joan and his name was John; and they both spoke and acted like they were on TV all the time. I found it trying, but Joss lapped it all up.

Charmaine on hair:
I had long given up trying to tame my hair. My limited social life meant it never really mattered to anyone. It never bothered the check-out staff at the local supermarket. They saw me coming a mile off and were all smiles and welcome by the time I’d wrestled my trolley in.

Charmaine on the qualities of Mr Right:
Well, he must have a good voice. One I can listen to all day.

Rob on remembering Charmaine:
She had been the woman he had vowed to destroy and had failed. How could he ever have forgotten her name and face?

m_Charmaine on Rob

m_Rob on Charmaine

Charmaine on Rob:
He’s conning everybody.

m_Rob on hearts

Rob on feelings and Charmaine:
They had worked well with every other woman. But Charmaine wasn’t just any woman.

For reviews, interviews, media kit and guest blogs:

Contact Leenna:
facebook: Leenna Naidoo/Author

Settle Down Now
Release date: April 2015
Length: approx 59 000 words
Available in ebook only: for Kindle/Nook/Tablets and PCs.
RRP: $2.99 or about R35

Download from these great sites:

Barnes and Noble:
Angus and Roberts:

Find updates and giveawys for Settle Down Now here and Facebook page: Settle Down Now

What people are saying about the sample chapter:

‘…a really breezy, intelligent writing style that I liked a lot.’ Robin M

‘This is light and upbeat but I can take Charmaine seriously.’  Robert

‘I enjoyed this. It felt on first read as if there was a lot of information to keep track of, but I think it actually falls together nicely...’ Sherry

‘I was definitely pulled into the story and curious to see where it would go.’ Erin

Read Chapter One here or here.

Meet the author:

m_Leenna at AQWALeenna writes contemporary fiction and sci-fi/fantasy. Her sci-fi will soon appear in The Mad Scientist Journal. Her contemporary fiction includes her first novel No Distance To Run (set in South Africa). Her newest romance is Settle Down Now. She blogs regularly on Her novels are all self-published. Find them at, ibooks and other good ebook outlets.
Leenna was born asking, ‘Why?’. She’s still on a quest for an answer, having traveled to the furthest points on Earth from her home to do so. She’s hoping to have the answer by next October or in her next book. Leenna would love to hear your thoughts on her work, and any answers to ‘Why?’ would be appreciated. Contact her via her blog: or on facebook: Leenna Naidoo/Author


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