Time for a chat

My apologies for posting out of schedule and so erratically this month. Things have been quite exciting and hectic, and my head’s been all over the place, except here, it seems 😀 May has just flown by. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been a part of the Bloggers/Readers Appreciation Event over at Carlyle Laubaschagne’s Worlds Away Blogspot. You can find my interview and my appreciation piece–Independent Travelers of the Published Universe–over there. The most exciting news this week was Settle Down Now being featured on this week’s Tuesday Top Ten–Books for your Beach Bag over at Around The World in Books! It’s … Continue reading Time for a chat

A Trio Of Book Reviews

I’d read these concurrently, so I thought I’d review the two concurrently, and tell you why I couldn’t get through the one. Book Review: Miss Kwa Kwa Author: Stephen Simm Genre: Adult humor/satire Format: novel In brief: When reading certain books, there are times when you must either throw down the offending book in revulsion and disgust; or laugh and read on with an open-mind. Miss Kwa Kwa is one of these books. Laughing and reading on brings more laughter and a glitter-filled silver-lining for all bar one. And quite rightly so. The Whole story: This was my second reading … Continue reading A Trio Of Book Reviews