Settle Down Now Soundtrack

m_Settle Down Now 10 So what follows is the soundtrack which I listened to whilst writing most of the
Settle Down Now.

It’s actually the second version of the soundtrack, because my computer was re-installed in January 2014 and I had to redo it as best I could remember. I think I might have left off some Simple Minds and possibly a Beth Orton song somewhere. The essential songs are still all here though.


m_SDN SoundtrackLet’s DanceDavid Bowie
Shake It OffTaylor Swift
FireballPitbull feat John Ryan
Five Millennia LaterEric Serra
Best Day Of My LifeAmerican Authors
Earthquake WeatherBeck
Hell YesBeck
Iko IkoThe Belle Stars
It’s Alright Now (Back To Basics) The Beloved
Sail Away David Gray
HeatEric Serra
Long Slow GoodbyeQueens of The Stone Age
Dark CloudsSpace
Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera

The Essential songs/mini-soundtrack

I’m always listening to music. When writing, it’s often what keeps me in the right mood/frame of mind. So if I’m writing an action scene, I’ll have something a little tense with a fast rhythm playing. I usually wear earphones, ‘cos I tend to listen to that one song on continuous play! With this in mind, let’s look at the Essential songs for the soundtrack to Settle Down Now.

Earthquake Weather – Beck

This is the song I played the most 😀 It has just the sound and feel of the hot, muggy-with-a-breeze weather; the something-a-little-nasty in paradise implications; and, of course, the building-up-to-a-disaster feel. Yet, it’s all laid-back and some fun. Earthquake Weather has the overall feel and tone I was aiming for with the story itself. So while, as per usual, I have absolutely no idea what Beck is actually going on about, this track was the star track for me. If I write a follow up, this will definitely feature in the new soundtrack too.

I also often find a theme song for a character when I write, one that almost instantly allows me to know what they might be feeling, or their predominant mood. With the flashbacks telling the Edinburgh part of the story, I found myself having two songs each for Charmaine and Rob: one for the present and one for the past.

Dark Clouds - Space 

This was Charmaine’s song for the Edinburgh scenes. It was one I quite liked when I was in Edinburgh myself–what with the unpredictable weather :-D; so this song instantly conjured up images of the castle on the crag, walking down South Bridge. buying ice-cream in Tesco or Somersby, and hanging out in Princes Street Gardens. I think it’s a happy song, so it helped me feel the enthusiasm and optimism Charmaine carries around herself and gives to others when they need it.
Iko Iko by The Belle Stars was another song which evoked Charmaine in Edinburgh for me–fond memories of the Jazz Festival Parade and following the Jamaican Steel Band down to Newmarket:-D

The Long Slow Goodbye - Queens of the Stone Age 

This was Rob’s theme song for the Edinburgh (and some present day) scenes of the book. It effectively evokes the tragic tones of Rob’s life; the feeling that he’s always saying goodbye while looking for something more permanent and loving; the sense that he’s always waiting without much hope for an outcome that will be happy for him. Hey, it’s a bit depressing, but such a brilliant song–and so Rob!

Best Day Of My Life - American Authors 

As a counterpoint to Rob’s The Long Slow Goodbye, this song–Charmaine’s present day anthem–couldn’t have been better. I dare anyone to feel sad whilst listening to this bright, breezy song. I realized its impact on listeners when I played it in class to my four to six year olds.
“Teacher! I like!” said, one happy girl, then bopped and sang along. (Great vowel practice!)
Best Day of My Life instantly conjures Charmaine driving around singing, with Max, excited, dancing in the backseat, perhaps. It’s probably Vince’s anthem too. Charmaine never stays down for long. Songs like these are probably the reason why. You’ll notice Shake It Off  by Taylor Swift on the tracklist for the same reason.


You guessed it–Rob’s present day theme song. One radio DJ remarked that this was the angriest sailing song he’s ever heard. I couldn’t agree with him more. If you know of another let me know 😀
This song makes me empathize with Rob’s frustrations: the running cost of The Sunflower, having Charmaine around but seemingly unapproachable, having all those other alpha-males and enemies on board…
Besides, I wasn’t sure, when I started writing Settle Down Now again, if Rob was still the angry young, shoulder-chipped man he’d been in Edinburgh.

It's Alright Now (Back To Basics) - The Beloved 

This is the song that knitted everything together for me. I don’t often (if ever) write unhappy endings. I’d always liked The Beloved and finally got around to getting one of their works in 2010. With them being vaguely around in my time in Edinburgh, and now on my playlist, this song brought things nicely back to basics even in the darkest, most dangerous moments of the story.

And there you have it, my recommended soundtrack to have in the background if, like me, you have music constantly going.
What do you think of it? Which are your favorite songs off the tracklist?


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