Vegemite and Chocolate–When Fiction Meets Reality

One of the strangest things (and most unnerving) of being a fiction writer, is finding out that the rather unlikely idea you foisted on one of your characters, has now (apparently) come true!

I had never suspected, as I sat grinning and chuckling with mirth, that Angela’s chocolate and vegemite obsession would pop out from Settle Down Now and into my own reality!

vegemite choc smallImagine my face, as I idly found a Goodreads thread in my feed mentioning chocolate and vegemite, and wondered if they might be talking about Settle Down Now.

Imagine my consternation when I found this link.
And this.

Imagine my face when I found it lead to culinary creations I thought only Angela would dream of, experiment with, and offer for taste-tasting.

And the all important question:
Could this be as good as Angela’s creations?

I might never know, ‘cos I live in South Africa…

The really crazy revelation followed: something I had dreamed up had made its way into my own reality. O.M.G!

I know that this sometimes happens to fiction writers, especially sci-fi writers. But…romance?

It got me wondering about coincidences and things like that. The first part of Settle Down Now–the part where Angela’s creations are mentioned–was published on Smashwords back in November 2013. Since then, my dashboard told me that over 200 people had downloaded that sample of the story.

Did someone read the beginning of Settle Down Now, and was so inspired that they actually tried combinations like Angela did? Or did a friend of a friend mention to the chocolate creator, in what might have been a alcohol infused night, the most weird food combination they’d come across.

Or is this all some crazy cosmic smirk at me that the universe throws up every once in a while?
Oh, the stories I could write about it!

Still, it’s unnerving to find my fiction meet reality in quite this way… Now I’m really glad I don’t write about zomb…Better not.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you written some work of fiction and found it materialized in your life?
Please share.

And let me know how that Vegemite Choc tastes 😀


4 thoughts on “Vegemite and Chocolate–When Fiction Meets Reality

  1. I haven’t experienced anything that specific, but I’ve come across movies or books that deal with the antagonist like my protags dealt with mine–the specific drug and technique they used. That’s always a bit weird since I thought I was being so original when I wrote it. Apparently I wasn’t. 🙂

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