To Dex from Kalvin

To: Dexter
Re: Mad Scientist Journal
From: Kalvin

Hi Dex
Have you gotten your copy of new The Mad Scientist Journal yet?
There’s a special offer from Dr VD Eos in it. You know, the guy who’s invented those really cool TV Time Specs? You’ll want to check it out. They’ll make a great gift for D, I’m thinking.
Anyway, I was quite taken with the whole breeding of dragons. I reckon I could replicate some of the results from the journal in my backyard once I have the chicken coop permit. Thing is, my horrorscope doesn’t look too good. Maybe I’ll wait for a month or two.
What do you think? I’ve sent you the link in case your delivery is late.
The Mad Scientist Journal Summer Edition
PS. You might want to check out NVaughn7’s new Flashie Things v2. m_Flashie things v2
My sister says you might like it. I think she’s still got a thing for you.
PPS.  I almost forgot. I’m trying out my new Time Modulator. I finally got the seconds to work! And this is the test. Let me know what time you received this. It’s now Sunday, 5th July 2015 at 12h55.35s and I’m hitting send.


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