Why I would buy my mum a Kobo Ebook Reader

I was walking past Bargain Books in Westwood Mall the other week when I chanced to see a Kobo Ebook Reader at Bargain Book Stores. I was overjoyed! The launch of Kobo ebook readers in RSA had coincided with my being in China, so I had been ignorant of these ereaders existence and their affordability. I don’t know how, but the universe had conspired to hide this ereader from me until that fateful morning in Bargain Books. More to the point, as a writer with books available on Kobo, it proved the most exciting news to me in weeks! I … Continue reading Why I would buy my mum a Kobo Ebook Reader

Smashwords July Sale!

Settle Down Now–only $1.50 As featured on Around The World in Books: Books for my Beach Bag Five Books from South Africa Billionaire Charmaine Donnet’s search for Mr Right has gone public in the most humiliating way. Charmaine finds herself interviewing potential Mr Rights live on air, and being wooed on the Indian Ocean while on board the beautiful yacht, The Sunflower. But it’s not all plain sailing. Events take a dark turn when one of the potential Mr Rights goes missing at sea. Will Charmaine survive this desperate Hart’s cruise? Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf Buy now   Also … Continue reading Smashwords July Sale!