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Settle Down Now--only $1.50

As featured on Around The World in Books:
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Five Books from South Africa

m_Settle Down Now 10Billionaire Charmaine Donnet’s search for Mr Right has gone public in the most humiliating way. Charmaine finds herself interviewing potential Mr Rights live on air, and being wooed on the Indian Ocean while on board the beautiful yacht, The Sunflower. But it’s not all plain sailing. Events take a dark turn when one of the potential Mr Rights goes missing at sea. Will Charmaine survive this desperate Hart’s cruise?

Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf

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Also on sale:
Here Be Monsters--$0.99
a sci-fi novellette
a sci-fi novellette

She’d never been off-planet. Now she’s on the Red Planet, something seems to be off-colour.
Angie’s looking forward to spending some quality time with her husband, Kieron, while accompanying him on one of his projects. Her writer’s instincts scream there’s a story hiding there. Life on Mars might bring more danger than she’s bargained for.


Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf

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 How Not To Meet The Man of Your Dreams Revised--$1.50

m_tmoyd cover revised 2015With all the advice on How To meet Mr Right, what about singletons who would rather not? Fear not. This simple indispensable easy-to-follow guide will tell you exactly how not to run into him (anywhere!) while serving as a warning to those who are actively seeking.
Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf

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Don’t forget Anushka Haakonson and NVaughn7’s special deals too.

Kieron's Tale by Anushka Haakonson--$1.50

m_kierons tale cover 1Little Brother = Big Trouble, especially when he’s Bert magnetic to the strange and downright bizarre.
Kieron’s finally found a gig filling in for his tour-guide friend in their Bonny Scotland. Last thing he needs is to find little brother Bert masquerading as someone else on his first tour. Kieron doesn’t like it at all, not with Richard Liffey (annoying little so-and-so) looking so much like Bert. So when members of the tour start mysteriously disappearing on the Isle Of Skye, Kieron has to go into Big Brother mode or face the wrath of his parents (never-mind the bosses) extremely large wildlife, sudden black ice and a pocket policeman from Glesca.

Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf

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Flashie Things v2 by NVaughn7


m_Flashie things v2

Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf

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