Why I would buy my mum a Kobo Ebook Reader

I was walking past Bargain Books in Westwood Mall the other week when I chanced to see a Kobo Ebook Reader at Bargain Book Stores.

I was overjoyed!

The launch of Kobo ebook readers in RSA had coincided with my being in China, so I had been ignorant of these ereaders existence and their affordability. I don’t know how, but the universe had conspired to hide this ereader from me until that fateful morning in Bargain Books.

More to the point, as a writer with books available on Kobo, it proved the most exciting news to me in weeks! I had found my people! I had to know more, so I asked an assistant, explaining that I have free and other books on Kobo and could I please be put on their list of South African interest books..

The staff at Bargain Books were most helpful. They referred me to their head office in Cape Town. Within twenty-four hours of my contacting them, an extremely accommodating Customer Service Officer had informed me that, sadly, no such list of books currently exists. Over the next week, he answered all my questions and introduced me to the world of the Kobo ebook reader. A little more research and I was convinced that this ebook reader would be the ultimate gift for my mum.

Why it’s a must for my mum.

Loadshedding in the evening is a tedious time for my mum. We currently deal with it by me putting on a movie on my laptop. But an ereader like the Kobo Touch would be even better for her. She’s been complaining that, with her hectic life, there is just no time to read; so a gently illuminated, lightweight ebook reader would be perfect for an hour or two of catch up reading.
It’s also perfect for her travelling and every day needs; with the battery life greater than any long haul flight she might conceivably make within the next three years, or dad’s longest chats with his friends at the fix-it stores.

Like me, mum will read just about anything and the Kobo ereader is quite accommodating when it comes to file formats: novels, comics, magazines…mum will read them all.

Mum has gotten the hang of the internet and operation of the computer, so downloading files onto the computer and copying files across to the ereader will take very little tutoring from me to get her confident with it all. Downloading directly with the WiFi may take a little more tutoring, and I think my mum might prefer getting her ebooks via the computer.

Buying a Kobo Ebook Reader for my mum won’t break the bank. Mum’s never been one for labels, preferring practicality; so the money ‘saved’ in buying this ebook reader means I can spoil her with some books too!


Bargain Books have really impressed me with their customer service (and I’m not even a customer yet) so I know my mum will find the help she might need with their support services and helpful staff when it comes to her Kobo questions.

And the Number One reason…

I would get my mum a Kobo device is that my books, and writings, no matter where in the world they are published, will ALWAYS be available to her. She won’t be tied in to any one book store. All she needs to do is download the bookstore apps to have their catalogues at her fingertips.
Even better, she can get to Smashwords via the net and download even those books of mine that aren’t available elsewhere. Yep, mum will be able to read my WIP in bed instead of sitting for hours staring at the computer; something I know she finds quite tiring.

And there you have it: Why wouldn’t I buy my mum a Kobo Ebook Reader?

Now all I have to do is find something equally cool for dad. Any ideas?

The nitty gritty

Versions currently available at Bargain Books
Kobo Glo at R999 and Kobo Touch at R699

Battery life can last up to a month (or about 15-16 hours at least) depending on your device settings, SD card and WiFi usage. Read more about it here.

 To Get Started

Go to the Kobo site or Bargain Books site and download the Kobo App onto your ebook reader. This will help you get started with your Kobo account. Your current Kobo account can be used with your new ebook reader.
Alternatively, ask the staff at Bargain Books to help you download and set up your Kobo app and account.

Which formats can Kobo ebook readers support ?:

“You can view books, documents, images, text files, and comic books on your Kobo eReader. Each have different file formats associated with them.

  • Books: EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, and MOBI
  • Documents: PDF
  • Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF
  • Text: TXT, HTML, and RTF
  • Comic Books: CBZ and CBR

Note: EPUB or PDF books with an ACSM file extension are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM protects books from unauthorized copying, and is often used by libraries, publishers, and booksellers. Your eReader supports Adobe DRM and Social DRM. If you download a book that is protected with Adobe DRM, you will need to use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to put it on your eReader. You can read social DRM files without using ADE.” (Anton at Bargain Books, thank you :-D)

 Helpful links




http://www.Smashwords.com (lots of free ebooks and emagazines)
(Click on free button at the top to see thousands of free reads with new books published daily)

http://www.iTunes.com (free books available)

http://www.nook.com (Barnes&Noble)(free books available)

(an excellent article to help you find free ebooks for your Kobo reader)

 Other views and opinions:





Are you enjoying your Kobo ebook reader? Let me know in the comments section.


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