What I learned From My Grandmother–Inge Saunders

My first ever guest-poster is from Cape Town. Inge Saunders is a fellow South African writer and blogger. Inspired to write romance by her grandmother, here she is to start things off in our celebration honoring grandmothers. Thank you Leenna … Continue reading What I learned From My Grandmother–Inge Saunders

All the news from Inbetweener

Firstly, thank you to all my readers
for your support,
and welcome to all the new faces/avatars 😀

The chaos continued this month but it had its highlights too.

Art Month was fun and informative with three widely differing artists who were kind enough to spare us their time for a short chat and share their artwork with us.

Artmonth Aug 2015 BrentBrent Carpenter shared some of his thoughts on how we could access our spirituality through art.
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Joycelin Leahy (TribalMystic)–Illustrator/Storyteller/Artist

It was the turtle that drew me in. Joycelin Leahy had posted images of her work in progress on her website Tribalmystic, and they were stunning. It’s her illustrations along with stories of her Papua New Guinean culture and heritage … Continue reading Joycelin Leahy (TribalMystic)–Illustrator/Storyteller/Artist