All the news from Inbetweener

Firstly, thank you to all my readers
for your support,
and welcome to all the new faces/avatars 😀

The chaos continued this month but it had its highlights too.

Art Month was fun and informative with three widely differing artists who were kind enough to spare us their time for a short chat and share their artwork with us.

Artmonth Aug 2015 BrentBrent Carpenter shared some of his thoughts on how we could access our spirituality through art.
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Artmonth Aug 2015 Joycelin


Joycelin Leahy shared some of her age-old and new techniques on capturing the natural world.
<read more>




Artmonth Frans Groenewald b


And Frans Groenewald showed us once again how puns can make for visual fun, along with all the new, exciting news from Vespaghetti.
<read more>



On another note, it hasn’t been the happiest winter over here in the RSA. Almost everyone I know has lost someone close to them.
So goes the circle of life.
We have to stop being selfish and release our loved ones when their path diverges from ours.

But there’s nothing stopping us
from celebrating their legacy–
the knowledge with what
they’ve gifted us.

Which brings us to September at Inbetweener, where I’ll be sharing what I learned from my Grandmother along with three of my fabulous guests 😀
Yes, for the first time ever, I’ve invited guest-posters from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Then in October, along with the change in wind, we’ll look into some alternative topics, and, maybe a short story or two.

October will be exciting for other reasons too. It’s the official anniversary of my blog, and I’ll be giving some gifts away.

Be sure to drop by often in October to see
what those mystery goodies will be.

In the meantime, if you’re as frustrated as me with time seeming to fly-by without anything apparently ‘happening’ (especially when it comes to waiting on news from applications and submissions) then join me in making a date with a paintbrush or two. I find it’s a great way to deal with my patience issues 😀

Don’t forget to drop by later around mid-week to learn how Inge Saunders’ grandmother taught her more than just serving tea 😀

‘Til then

Best wishes


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