Pick a Card Game

Inbetweener’s Big Blog Birthday Bash kicks off today with a chance for you to win a full tarot reading by email, as well as our eBook giveaway.

m_win A Tarot ReadingTo get your name into the eBook draw, simply leave a comment below.

This week I'm giving away:

m_Settle Down Now 10m_kierons tale cover 1


to one lucky visitor






Over at www.learningtosurfpub.wordpress.com
The Bear–Redemption + Here Be Monsters  are up for grabs.


Here are the details of the Tarot Competition. 

2 Full Email Tarot Reading to be Won Worth $25 each

Enter by giving me a playing card of your choice on selected posts between 1st October 2015 and 29th October 2015.

m_Manga tarot fan
The Manga Tarot by Lo Scarabeo
m_Arthurian Tarot high
Legend The Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

Winners will be drawn at random. First winner will be drawn on October 15th 2015, second winner will by drawn on 30th October 2015.
The prize consists of 1 email tarot reading equivalent to a full 45 minute consultation, and one follow up question.
The prize will not be exchanged for cash or other consideration. The prize must be redeemed by 29th January 2016.
Winners will be contacted via email or messaged through Facebook.
All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

About Leenna's Tarot Readings.

Leenna has over 13 years experience as a Tarot Reader and over 7 years experience as a tea-cup reader. She’s read at markets and esoteric fairs. She’s best at reading potentials. Her readings cover: Career, Finances, Family, Love, Home and Health, Travel,  Study, and The Future—as taught to her by Madame Carol MacKenzie.

I’ve been collecting tarot packs for years; buying my own or receiving them as gifts. I’ll be using two of favourite packs for the winner’s reading: The Legend Arthurian Tarot and The Manga Tarot.

m_Arthurian Tarot close upI’ve had the Legend Arthurian Tarot for about 13 years now (it was a gift from my sister), and it’s always a favorite with my friends and clients. With it’s beautiful artwork and drawing from that most famous of Celtic stories (I prefer the Celtic version and Mary Stewart’s storytelling, not the traditional English version), the meanings drawn are particularly deep. It’s usually quite a serious pack, but it also has a great sense of humor some days!

m_Manga tarot deep perspectiveMy Manga Tarot is actually a mini-pack. It was a huge hit with my Chinese friends. They’ve also helped me learn a little more about some of the symbols and differences in interpretation. This is also one of cousin’s favourite pack (he used to be a reader too), because of his love for Manga. One of the initially confusing things about this pack is that some of the genders on major cards are opposite, which makes for some really interesting readings!

m_Playing cards 2to10 pickI’ve been learning the divinatory meanings of the traditional playing cards these past two months, using old books I’d forgotten I’d had. I thought it would be fun to try they out again. So here goes:

Give me a card, any traditional Playing Card, excluding the Jokers.
So that leaves you with the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten down to Two from any of the suits: Diamonds, Spades, Clubs and Hearts.

m_Playing cards 7to10 2
From any traditional pack of poker cards

With your card I will attempt to predict or intuit something about you. You can let me know if I’m hot or cold. And you names goes into my Win A Tarot Reading Draw! You’ll also be entered into my eBook giveaway by default. It’s that simple 😀

So send your card in the contact form below between now and 14th October 2015, and let’s see how this goes.

I’ve never attempted this before, and I’m hoping it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

Talk to you soon and Good luck in the draw!


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