Kiran Garbaran: Psychic Medium–Awakener and Channeller

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Kiran Garbaran: Psychic Medium–Awakener and Channeller

Kiran has long been a familiar face in the esoteric communities of Johannesburg and Durban. I met him briefly many years ago when I was beginning to learn tea-cup reading, and Kiran was well into his own training in the divination and connecting to spirit field.
It was a strange, but welcomed surprise, to attend one of his open Crossing-Overs at an esoteric fair a couple of months ago.
Now, I’ve got to admit that I’ve always been (in my own way) somewhat skeptical of Crossing Overs and practitioners, and that I’ve also been fascinated by the movie Red Lights with Cillian Murphy.

During the crossing-over session, it was entertaining watching our own Kiran’s expression. Frowning at times, pensive at others, and plain disbelieving at some of the messages he had to communicate!

So, no one was more surprised than myself, when a pet I had personally known came through for a friend…

Now, I’m a believer (at least in Kiran’s abilities), so I grabbed my courage and requested a interview with him, including questions I’m sure you would have wanted me ask.

Great guy that he is, Kiran kindly agreed to let us know about his world, and what he experiences when he’s channeling messages.

You’ve been aware of and communicating with the spirit world, and the esoteric, since you were little. How did you know you were gifted with this strong connection?
m_details 3 I did not know about my gift until I was at an understanding age of six. I could always see stuff that was not seen by others eg: light orbs, people that have passed, sometimes imaginary friends who were actual spirit guides… When I realised at the age of six that I could see stuff that others did not, was it then that I realised that I have a gift I was born with.

I could always make contact with light beings. As time went on I realized I had a strong connection with these beings who randomly popped up at any given time with messages to share.

After researching some of the stuff I saw, I realized the connection I had, after which I accepted it completely.

How did your family and friends cope with your gifts?
Well, my family was accepting and helpful with my gift, in helping me understand some of the stuff and also understanding myself. They never made me feel like the odd one out. My family always stands by and supports me in what I do. My mum and sister always make me feel comfortable with what I do and stand by me through all my so called crazy moments…

My friends were always freaked out, and honestly,
I did not have many friends due to this.

Growing up with this gift was made easy by my family, but my friends were not really open to this sort a stuff due to the lack of understanding.

I once heard about some of your experiences when you were still ‘in training’–exploring your abilities further. Can you tell us a little about your favorite experience from that period?
m_details 2My favorite experience was when I made contact with the angelic world, elementals and other beings from other dimensions. The experience of those energies was totally amazing. The contact made with the angelic world was totally mind blowing, as it felt I was in a dream with all these floaty beings and soft candy floss like energy… then I heard them speak and experienced different vibrations of their connection.

I was most fortunate to attend one of your crossing-overs recently. You facilitated messages, for about half the attendees, from loved ones (including a pet) and even Archangel Daniel, who had a wonderful message for some soon-to-be-weds. How do you differentiate between all the different energies and spirits? Or is the loving vibration the same from all beings?
I see them as they are. If it’s a pet I will see a pet; if it’s a person I can see either a silhouette or a figure or the person themselves. The angels normally have a different vibration that I can sense. Every energy is different, but with the many years that I have worked with them, I have become accustomed to the different vibrations, and that’s how I distinguish each energy.

Some energies are harsh and some are loving, but every energy has its
own unique vibration that I pick up on.

Everyone wonders what it feels like to be in direct communication with light beings and angels–the experience of it. Do you hear messages, see images or ‘just know’ what is intended?
I normally see images like a video, sense the vibration, hear the voice, feel the temperature rise or drop, and sometimes smell a scent during a session. The different senses allow me to bring forth the message, but most of the time I see and hear a spirit…the voices are not always clear, but from what I hear, I intuitively know what is intended .

You also work with various divination methods including the tarot, Egyptian sand reading and various oracles. Which method is your favorite? Why that particular one?
Yes, I love every form of divination I do or use; but honestly I do not have a favorite method of divination. I go with my intuition at that particular moment, or with whatever method a client is comfortable with.

Its all about the comfyness of a client.

If a client is edgy it becomes hard to “read” that particular client, but if the client is comfy, then yes, reading becomes easy.

You have a very easy, sometimes humorous, and gentle way with people, even when dealing with some quite traumatic past events. How do you stay in that gentle, positive energy when (I would assume) you are very sensitive to environmental energies?
I am just me even during a session. I am my bubbly self. Even though I am sensitive to energies, I do not allow myself to absorb the energy. I let it pass through, as I personally feel It offers healing to the client being read. By becoming attached to these energies, I feel it will not allow healing but allow more emotions to flow rather than releasing it to move on…after all I am a light worker…

m_details 1Newbies to divination and connecting to spirit can often hit speed-bumps and/or unintentionally draw some hairy experiences. Any advice on how to gain the smoother, more intended road?
For newbies, I would personally advise research or advice before getting in touch or opening up to different energies. Energy work can be draining on the self. So before working with the spirit world or esoteric, I would personally recommend strong protection for the emotionally sensitive, and an intense understanding of the self; or attend workshops on the esoteric life to help understand what you getting into and gain a broader perspective about it.

What is your favorite thing about your unusual calling?
My favorite part of my work is helping people and seeing a client happy at the end of a session. If the client is happy, I am happy. It makes me feel elated to see a client smile and say “It feels like a weight has been lifted off me” or “I now have my closure”. Being a peoples person, I really love working with, helping, and healing people.

You provide quite comprehensive psychic services and are much in demand, not just in Durban. How can we contact you?
My contact details are:
Mobile: 0027 72 933 9223 (sms preferred)
Face book:
Kiran Garbaran

Thank you, Kiran, for your patience and time. It’s been a real eye-opener:-)

m_Kiran carAbout Kiran Garbaran:
Kiran is a natural-born intuitive psychic medium who is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. He has more than 13 years of experience in these respective fields. Kiran acts as an awakener and channeller to facilitate contact with spirits, angels, loved ones that have “crossed over”, and other light beings with messages to share.
World renowned, Kiran has performed accurate and confidential readings for many and varied clients from all walks of life. Kiran has proven his reliability by building a large client base, through his dedicated professionalism, and treating all readings with confidentiality.
Kiran specializes in Egyptian sand readings, tarots and oracles, palmistry, “crossing overs”, numerology, Vedic astrology, chakras and auras, all types of cleansings, balancing and much more.
For more information, feel free to contact Kiran on 072 933 9223
(for international clients: 0027 72 933 9223)


5 thoughts on “Kiran Garbaran: Psychic Medium–Awakener and Channeller

  1. Hi had an awesome and acquiret cross over with him on the 3rd December 2016 after the passing of my husband on the 7th September 2016 I found closure to move on with my life god bless him


  2. Do you know if there is a specific time period in which one can do a reading of a loved one that has passed? my loss has been fairly recent and I have an meeting with Kiran planned for June.


    1. Hi Keshnee. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry for you loss. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a specific time period which should be observed in this instance as I don’t do crossing overs, only tarot readings. It would be best to direct this question to Kiran if you have concerns. I’m sure you could reschedule with him if there is an issue.
      Best wishes.


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