This is the first Festival of Light, in years and years, that I’m reminded of the excitement and ‘special’ feeling this celebration used to have for me.

Although my family is not celebrating this year, I have more hope in my heart that this day marks the illumination of a new path, with the darkness of this past year receding.

Today a soft rain bathes the coastal areas of my home province, falling like a mist like it used to through all the Diwali’s of my childhood.

And I feel even better because, for me, it means that the drought has a greater chance of breaking…

Wishing all
a happy and safe Deepavali/Diwali.

PS. Please remember your pets this year, and refrain from lighting very noisy and smoky fireworks. It’s the light of lamps we need, not the explosions and yelps of terror from those souls we love 😀


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