The Time of Your Life


As a business artist, creative, or entrepreneur, I am dedicated to living 2016 differently. I am living the year as a quest to make my best work, make a difference, and make a right livelihood while bringing out the best in others. My quest counters business as usual and contributes to business as art.

Each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during December, I will respond to a visionary’s prompt or question via my blog, video, Facebook post, or the Quest2016 Facebook Fireside Forum.

I will participate with other Questers in ways that uplift them and give them courage to live their quests.

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This is the pledge I’ve taken to help me realise a better future, and a more fun, creative year ahead. I will be responding to the questions here, as well as on my new blog, Leennascreativebox.
I joined on Day 6, so that was the question I answered first. This is my second answer, where I’ve gone back to the beginning…

Question 1 from:
Susan Piver: Author of Start Here Now: An Open-hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation, renowned speaker and teacher.

What I most need to tell myself about 2016 is…

Time of Your Life, that’s the song that’s been going through my head for the past three years…Three years that will never make it into my Favourite Years collection. Three years of learning progressively harder to stomach lessons. Three years of shedding more and more baggage, and still finding that you’ve got hidden excess waiting to bankrupt your spirit, energy and resources.

Quest2015 prompt 3 hard years

Obliviously, my interpretations of what was going on then were wrong, which led to false expectations, which led to more life lessons, and still more baggage being tossed.

It wasn’t a bad thing, but it wasn’t a good thing either.
So what I most need to tell myself about 2016 is…

I need to change the playlist. I need a lighter tune, something fun and irreverent, something more me. Or rather, the who I know I am, rather than whom people know me to be.

I need to skip tunes that don’t resonate with me. I need to stop listening to what everyone else is blasting, and listen only to songs that speak to my soul and my heart. And if I were a musician, I’d have to play my own solo, even if I’m the only one who can hear it.

What I most need to tell myself about 2016 is that it’s fine for me to play old Christmas tunes in August, or walk on the beach with hiking boots. These things are me–the real me. They make me happy; and nobody’s really going to notice anyway. Not many have before, and the ones who did had a good laugh.

Quest2015 prompt christmas songs in August

So that’s what I need to tell myself about 2016. Be the real me, and bring a smile or a laugh to those around me.

Quest2015 prompt hi 2016


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