Wow! What a month

My apologies for not posting as per usual. I’d registered for two Blogging U courses via my new blog Leennascreativebox, and in the process came across the #Quest2016 Tracking Wonder which is challenging me in acknowledging more of my reality and dreams of 2016 and beyond.

So, I’m taking the easy way out for now, and posting a brief year-and-just-over in review for InBetweener.

I can’t believe I wrote 73 posts.

It feels like less. It also seems insignificant to the 1000 posts Gun Roswell from Rantings of Third Kind has made!

The most views award goes to my Home Page and Archives.

With the blog formerly incarnated with infinity scroll, I guess most visitors, (usually clicking over from Google) just keep scrolling through. Thank you for your visits; they are much appreciated 🙂

The three follow-ups for the most views goes to:

You’re Invited: R’s Nelengu
An Interview with Kiran Gabaran
Gram Without Boundaries (guest post by Katie McCoach)

My thanks to Katie, Kiran, and my cousin and family for enabling (and writing for) these posts. I’m am so grateful to you and my other guests (interviewees and posters too) namely: Inge Saunders, Melissa Rose, Brent Carpenter, Jocelyn Leahy, and Frans Groenewald.

And for my special picks I chose:

An interview with Lilly and Morgan: Surviving Stroke
The Changing Desert (my first ever post)
The Man of Your Dreams

And there you have it, my Inbetweener in review. I’ll be back soon with more news about the new year and January.

Before I go, and you start clicking, I’d just like to thank my followers (all 55 of you wonderful people) and you for giving me your time, and sometimes your much appreciated comments.

Here’s to a great 2016, one that far exceeds our expectations and dreams (in only the good).

Til next time,

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