A little bit of nostalgia

Choose your Own Adventure

You want to wallow in a little bit of nostalgia.

Quick! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say, “Choose your own adventure.”?

For me, it’s those Choose Your Own Adventure Books, the ones that give you one or two options at the end of a scene, then direct you to a page 50 pages down, then back to Page 6, then on to Page 21…

For me, who tended to die within the first five choices (sacrificed by Druids, if I remember correctly), it was frustrating. I wanted a story. I wanted the adventure!

Instead, I was forced to start from the beginning, again and again, like rebooting my life.

And when I did finally find the magical torc that opened the portal to send me back home from Stonehenge, I wasn’t sure how I felt about completing the adventure. Maybe it was because I’d followed multiple versions of one adventure, or was it multiple adventures within one slice of story?

But even more frustrating than choosing a path which led to a non-voluntary self-sacrifice in the literal sense, was  that one dud choice, the one where you got a glimpse of the adventure but never actually got to go on it. That one dud choice that you quickly erase from memory, so don’t ask me how I reached it. Presumably, it was by following the safest choices…

Choose one of these choices.

You decide to see what Quest2016 and synchronicity has to do with things
You hurry over to find out about Candace
You don’t have time for this! You sprint for the real ending!



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