Choose your Own Adventure

Choose one of these choices.

CYOA Wallow in nostalgia b

You want to wallow in a little bit of nostalgia.



CYOA Quest and Synchronicity


You decide to see what Quest2016 and synchronicity has to do with things


CYOA Candance v
You hurry over to find out about Candace



Choose your own adventure up there and beyond
You don’t have time for this! You sprint for the real ending!



  1. […] It was such fun! I felt like I was being hit by inspirons every day! I’d set up a quick playlist, let my keys wander across the keyboard and grin as the stories flowed. For a few weeks, I was living every writer’s dream. Crazy, fun stories and ideas flowing without effort and producing stuff I was happy to submit, or story ideas I could develop further like Candace Winds Up Best. […]


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