Polar Peril

You hurry over to find out about Candace

Candace is the main character in a short story of mine.

This story recently went through the critter portal,and emerged with flaws visible, and much enthusiasm. The setting and premise were universally liked, as was Candace—an achievement for me as most of my characters tend to be hit and miss with this group.

So what’s so special about Candace?

She’s dropped into the middle of Antarctica whilst in the middle of the end of an affair.

She’s also middle-aged, and very together. She’s strong in a non-kungfu way. She’s not a hero, just a fairly regular (I’ve never met a totally regular) teacher who’s in an adventure that is usually reserved for those younger, or elite. But she’s coping better than expected.

Candace is proof (for me anyway) that turning forty doesn’t mean your adventures are over. That age is irrelevant to adventure. That even in an impossible situation, you can choose your own adventure using only the tools and skills that are uniquely yours.

Candace has been my revelation and confirmation. A confirmation which Goldfish doubles. I’ve decided to adopt this song as my theme for as long as it feels right.

Choose one of these choices.

You want to wallow in a little bit of nostalgia
You decide to see what Quest2016 and synchronicity has to do with things
You don’t have time for this! You sprint for the real ending!


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