Up there and Beyond

You don’t have time for this! You sprint for the real ending!

My life tends to work on two parallel planes: the Down Here, and the Up There. This year is the year in which they entwine and merge, I hope.

Bringing the Up There down here

My new experimental project for 2016, is to develop Candace’s story as a Choose Your Own Adventure. This will allow me to honor her story, explore Antarctica virtually (if I can’t somehow get there in person), and give us over forties an alternative adventure to Eat, Pray, Love. Although, I suspect, some aspects of those universal constants will make their way in, as interpreted by Candace.

Moving the Down Here, Up There and Beyond

For this year, with Goldfish starred on my soundtrack, I’m going to choose my own adventures more carefully. I’ve been craving something different, so perhaps I shall finally be able to incorporate some less ‘safe’ paths, and, like my really cool cousin, jump out of an airplane or off a Bloukrans Bridge. Or maybe…who knows.

Any ideas? What types of adventures are you craving? Perhaps we could adventure together 🙂


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