Valentine’s Tarot Game

Tempted as I am to ask my readers to Be My Valentine, I thought I’d offer you something much more fun instead.
I love looking at the tarot, especially when romance is in the air, so how about a little tarot game, to see what may be on the cards for us this Valentine’s Day?

For the first fifty unique commenters, or until Saturday 13 February 2016 (3pm GMT), I’ll look at the card of your choice and tell you what I see. I may pull one or two other cards for clarity, if time permits.

It’s all in fun, and I’d love to know what happens romantically come Monday, 15 February, 2016:)

How it works:

Pick a number between 1 and 24.
I’ll shuffle the deck and count from the left till I reach your number. This card will form the basis of your reading.

Ready? I’m going to start with me!
I choose 3.
I’ve got Prince of Coins/Pentacles.
My interpretation:
Strangely enough, this guy’s been turning up quite often in my cards throughout the past few years. I don’t believe I’ve met him yet, so he may be some aspect of myself—me working hard to get my writing career to pay perhaps…
I’m going to pull another card for clarity.
The Magician reversed!
Ah, now it makes sense. It seems this guy’s a secret admirer who’s never let me know he’s interested in me. Hmmm. Could he be someone who’s been following my work, or one of my old creative friends? Maybe he’ll finally get around to letting me know this Valentine’s Day:) I’ll let you know if he does next week ;-D

Now it’s your turn!

Pick a number between 1 and 24, enter it in the comments, and let’s see what’s on the cards for you this Valentine’s weekend.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Tarot Game

    1. Hey, Floryie! Great to have you here. Let’s see… 7 of Cups. You’re dreaming of sending a letter or a poem to someone you really care about, but you’re not sure if you should. You often feel most guys don’t get how you communicate and well…things often get more complicated than they should! So you’re dreaming of the perfect one who gets you. I pulled another card, since the first seems to be all about why are feeling a little anxious about Valentines Day. You got 7 of Wands! Two sevens often mean true love, or something with the potential to grow into it! You lucky girl! Cups and wands are about emotions and actions, so if it feels right to you, maybe you should send that message…either way you’re a winner this Valentine’s Day, ‘cos love is just here for you 😀

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