Written and sold

February has revealed the fruits of October like a hidden store of extra happiness found just when needed!

Earlier this month, two very different stories I’d written in October 2015 found a home at two very different journals. In many ways, for a writer like me, it’s even better than getting a Valentine!

New journal Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, bought my flash fiction piece Out Of Brambles.

It was the first time I’d sent a submission to such a new publisher, and I didn’t know what to expect.
I was extremely pleased and very happy that they are very professional in their dealings with me, and even more so that they’d bought a story from me in a genre that I don’t often attempt:)
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores provides a subscription service for fiction and more to lovers of sci-fi, fantasy, and the eldritch. It’s all very exciting for me.

Sci Phi Journal bought another flash fiction piece of mine: Unalienable Right.

I was overjoyed to receive the news because I’d been wanting to place one of my stories with this journal ever since I’d found out about them.
Sci Phi Journal is quite unusual, in that all the science fiction it publishes must provide a good premise for a philosophical debate.
I really had fun writing Unalienable Right and was overjoyed that it’s been accepted by a market which would make my wining little brother (a sci-fi reader of note) very proud of me.
Sci Phi Journal has a blog with thought-provoking work appearing on it, as well as a Patreon subscription service.

Both publications depend on subscribers to support us writers with decent pay, so please consider supporting them as opposed to magazines which don’t reimburse writers and illustrators fairly, if at all.

So what’s October got to do with it all?

October has long been one of my favourite times of year, and last year’s proved extra special. I was so inspired, that I wrote quite a few short stories and submitted them. I couldn’t quite believe the range I had written: from sci-fi to fantasy and little bit of romance. I also got the submitting bug and sent my stories to magazines I’d never thought I would approach before, because I didn’t think my stuff my good enough.

It was such fun! I felt like I was being hit by inspirons every day! I’d set up a quick playlist, let my keys wander across the keyboard and grin as the stories flowed. For a few weeks, I was living every writer’s dream. Crazy, fun stories and ideas flowing without effort and producing stuff I was happy to submit, or story ideas I could develop further like Candace Winds Up Best.

Well, I’m still waiting to hear back on a few submissions–November 2015 to January 2016 hasn’t been the easiest time for so many people, and I’ve received some rejections—which I can now let flow off my back.

You see, the best thing last October produced in my life was confidence and courage.

I still don’t have the writer’s portfolio I wish to have. I realise now that it takes time. I also realise that I’m doing just fine. My stories may not be to everyone’s taste, but there are editors out there who quite like them. All I have to do is find them.
In fact, an October story of mine brought a first rejection in which the editor shared that she was turning it down because the short story was too short for her. She liked the character so much that she wanted more than would fit into the word count restriction!

Even better, both Out of Brambles and Unalienable Right were written in mid October, and now they’ve been placed by February! Awesome news for me!

So, would you blame me for wishing for a year of October’s where I can be as productive and have as much fun writing as I did last October?


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