Adventures Past and Future

Here we are at the end of another seemingly contracted week! Where is all the time going!

This week saw the first March release of Learning To Surf Publications short stories.

I’m up first with Ride The Wave, Kiss The God.

Ride The Wave Kiss The God bI love this cover with the colors of the wave.

Ride The Wave, Kiss The God was written in 2010 in the run up to all the 2012 fears and all the survive-dystopia talk. I got the idea after looking at the news pages one morning, worked out the story on the walk to school where I was teaching, and began writing it that very lunch-break.
The title comes direct from the narrator’s lips.

You can get your copy from most good eBook stores including:

Smashwords     Barnes and Noble     iTunes

Kobo    Or read it on:   Overdrive   and   Scribd


Later this month, two more of my stories will be out, both currently available on pre-order;  both also featured in the now unavailable LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box.

Surviving Oblivion is my first attempt at dsytopian romance, while Slipped Up is very a magazine type cozy mystery.

Watch out for Anushka Haakonson’s The Knight In Tarnished Armour And Other Stories, and Goguire’s Search For A Schooling.

These short reads are perfect for a slightly longer commute or waiting for a your delayed flight. Find out more about the release schedules here, and if you’d like to receive a review copy, please fill out the form or subscribe to the Shoal newsletter for more details.

Ride The Wave, Kiss The God is just in time for the Smashwords Read An Ebook week. While the LTSP newest releases aren’t discounted, Settle Down Now will be 25% off till March 12, 2016. There are lots of other discounted books which you can find between March 6-12, 2016 here.

More exciting news!

I’ve been placed 2nd in Aston English Blog’s Media Contest 2016 Writing category.

My first placing in an official contest!

This was quite a personal piece for me, reflecting on the past. I cried more than once writing it, spent quite some time looking at photos and realising that some people and places will remain forever in our hearts. Yulin, Shaanxi Province, is one such place for me. My time teaching at Aston Yulin continues to inspire me even now. You can read my entry here.

A piece of trivia: my very first blog post was also about Yulin.

I really feel blessed this month. I’d like to thank you for all your support and interest. Here’s to the start of better things for us all, and if they seem long in coming, Ride The Wave, Kiss The God. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!:-D