Take Note!

I thought May 2016 would shape up to be just another month, but it’s already started to surprise me.

I’ve been constantly amazed at the response to the preparations on the Sci-fi/Fantasy feature I’ll be running. I kept approaching people for interviews and opinions, expecting to be turned down. Instead, I was delighted when my wonderful and indulgent guests kept saying yes! In fact, this month saw a special wish of mine come true – more on that at another time.

What’s this feature aiming to do

I’m aiming to get a discussion going between readers, and writers, publishers and illustrators. I’ll be doing this by introducing you to an intriguing new writer, a publisher who values discussion, an illustrator with an unusual approach, and inviting the views of a man who’s been a tremendous force in both sci-fi and fantasy. Then we’ll put it all together in the final week of May, and see if we can’t ensure the health of sci-fi/fantasy genres by communicating what we expect and need for the future.

Here’s a hint of the programme for the next five weeks starting May 1st:

May 1 or 2:
Writer: Christoph Weber
His winning entry in Writer’s Of the Future Vol. 32 was the first sci-fi story he’d written. While not always for the squeamish, his stories range from the thought-provoking to the hilarious, often via some brain-searing imagery.

Christoph Weber Writer Arborist poet hell b

May 8 or 9:
Publisher: Jason Rennie
This journal publisher turned his 90-minute commute into a service for his favourite type of sci-fi and a discussion platform for fellow enthusiasts. Find out how he does it and what Japanese Metal (yes, the music) has to do with it.

Jason Rennie Editor SciPhi Journal Worthwhile quote b

May 15 or 16:
Illustrator/Creator: Shannon Legler
They’re not quite the mad scientist’s assistant you’d expect (or do they fit the mould way too perfectly?), create monsters with souls, and as for avocado seeds…
you’ll just have to wait and see.

Shannon Legler Illustrator quote monster tamer

May 22 or 23:
Master Writer: Alan Dean Foster
How can I introduce this man?
I’m not going to even try, except to say: Wow! Just wow!
A wish come true for me to interview him.

Alan Dean Foster quote research fake disrespect

May 29 or 30:
Yes, you and others like you — readers and supporters of sci-fi and fantasy.

Spanners in the works biggest irritations of sff readers


Comments are welcome and encouraged. Please don’t post links as they will be treated as spam.

I trust you’ll enjoy May 2016 as much as I’m going to 🙂

See you around.


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