The Bucketless List or Wishlisting Part 2

This week should have been a terribly depressing one, but, strangely it wasn’t.

I’ve been going through my writing – journaling, actually – from a few years ago when the world seemed full of possibilities and wishes coming true; a time when people had started making Bucket Lists and actually getting to cross items off them.

I too had a Bucket List, a Wishlist, a Must-Do-Must-See-Must-Be List; lists I’d composed over a number of years and still felt attached too till quite recently…

For me, that’s all they turned out to be – lists in indelible ink testifying that life never comes anywhere near to what I’d imagine it to be, never anywhere near to what I’d wished it to be…

For instance, if you told me three years ago that not having my name on the bestseller list would fail to depress me this week, I would have called you a liar, because (of course) I was going to be on the Bestseller List – I’d listed it. How could it not be so? And if by some incredibly misalignment of the Universe, I would…no! I would be on the Bestseller List. I’d listed it on multiple lists!

I also used to do what I called a Reality Check. This involved periodically going through all my lists and ticking all the things I’d done or manifested successfully.
It usually led to instant depression.

So, today, I’m going to write a Bucketless List, or a maybe it’s an UnBucket List, safe in the knowledge that while I’d love, love, love to do these things, there’s really a snowball’s chance in Hell that it will be so. This I can tell with absolute certainty because of my past experience with Bucket Lists, Wishlists, and my Must-see-Must-Do-Must-Be lists.

My Bucketless List/Witless Wishlist:

1) Go on the Hyperloop

I’d happily volunteer to be the first test passenger. Know what, I’d happily volunteer to be the first human brakes tester too, if they give me a parachute  and spacesuit too.
I’ve never been parachuting, so figuring how to get down again would be extremely educational as well.

2) Spend 2 nights/48 hours in a space hotel.

Why take a two hour jump into the technical boundaries of Space when I could spend an extra 46 hours for just a little more. (I love a great priced vacation, after all.)
This would also be the ultimate writer’s retreat for me, an aspiring sci-fi writer. Real weightlessness, space sickness, claustrophobia and all the others of wonders of space habitats will be mine for the experiencing!

3) Crawl across the largest crystal in the world in the Crystal Cave.

Where else could Merlin be sleeping. It certainly wasn’t in Scotland, last I looked. Besides, Mexico is on the extremely long list of countries I’ve never visited.

4) Hug a Polar Bear.

I don’t mean some cute little cub. I mean a fully grown adult. They hug huskies all the time (it seems), so why not me?

5) Design (and patent) a perpetual clean energy machine.

I’ve thought about this often, and I’m still thinking that the Bouncing PingPong Ball Static Electricity Generator is the safest, most perpetual way to go…
And no, this is not one of my submissions for MSJ.

6) Dance with the Tap Dogs.

What can I say: they’re loud, they’re fun, they’re full of amazing energy and quirks…and Dein Perry’s choreography never gets old.  I’ve loved them ever since I saw Bootmen and Adam Garcia’s boots shot sparks everywhere.
I was fortunate to see a show live – with real sparks! — and have wanted to see them again ever since.
Of course, I’ll have to learn to tap-dance, but we all have to learn sometime, don’t we?

7) Plant a forest and do a Johnny Appleseed.

This was actually on my original Must-Do list. I had planned to buy one of those Finnish Island or Shetland Islands and plant a new forest there. Then travel across some continent planting apple-trees or some other food bearing tree here and there. We read about Johnny Appleseed back in primary school and I’d always wanted to be like him…Maybe if I let the space items go…or maybe this needs to be a group effort.
Anyone else keen on starting new forests on cheap real estate?

8) Solve Some Major Mystery

Yep, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are to blame for this one. I’d meant to solve the mystery of the Voynich Manuscript, but someone has already done that.
There was the Piri Reis Map too, but that has also been solved…(sigh)
Have a major mystery for me to solve? Send it my way 🙂

This list will probably grow, as most of my lists do. Then again, maybe it won’t…There’s just no telling with this thing called life – the greatest mystery of all – will bring me next.
But I’ll keep my fingers crossed its a ride on the first Hyperloop or a prototype.

Got something special on your Bucketless List? Why not share it here, safe in the knowledge it will never come true ;-D


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