Breakfast at Amici’s

There’s no better way to start a dull grey Saturday morning than to be treated to breakfast by Clinique SA and RedSquare.
Mum and I were invited to just such a breakfast last Saturday at La Lucia Mall to launch the new Bonus Gift – yes, it’s that time of year when all us Clinique fans cherish and have fun with the little gifts!

m_Reena and mumWe arrived just before 9a.m at Cafe Amici. Reena and Annaline in their distinctive white coats stood waiting for us at a special table. Another lady, Fareeda, was already seated at the table set with menus and Ferro Roche. A display of the treatments and bonus gift package was on display too. Other guests were running late so we got to know more about the products and ended up chit-chatting.

Clinique rangesWe soon discovered that Fareeda, like my mum, had been using the skincare range for almost twenty years! And that she too had been introduced to the the range by her daughters.
“Thank god for daughters!” she said with a smile, not looking her age at all.
My mum agreed whole-heartedly.
It felt good to be a daughter, though you wouldn’t have been able to tell the mothers from the daughters at our special table.

m_Reena Clinique BrekkieReena, the Clinique SA representative/co-ordinator for Durban North, had the most stunning skin I’ve seen in a long time, totally blemish free! She told us how she’d started using the skincare range when she was sixteen, then found her way into the company.
“There’s green in my veins!” she quipped, then told us a little about the company and the money back guarantee which none of us had really been aware of.

I asked Reena about whether my mum should change some of the products she’d been using since she’d begun the 3-Step regime.
“She must have a skin consult every season,” replied Reena, “because your skin changes with every season. And with medication too. Just ask a Clinique Consultant. They’re on duty five days a week.”
We found out then that Wednesdays to Sundays are the best times to snag a consultant. Annaline Clinique consultant

Annaline, the new Clinique consultant at Redsquare La Lucia, hovered in the background ensuring late-comers would find us and the cafe staff attended to our table. We ordered teas and coffees as Reena told us about the Moisture Surge Face Spray – a moisturizer that had me wishing I’d known of it during my long flights to China and stays in the desert. Not only does it not wash off your make-up and sunscreen, but it moisturises like anything too! And though I might not be traveling for a while, this Moisture Surge Face Spray made it to the top of my wish-list!

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

m_Fadeeda Clinique Brekkie
Fareeda loved it too.
m_Linda Clinique Brekkie
Linda didn’t clue other patrons to our ages either.

Linda arrived just as we ordered breakfast, keeping the apparent age of the table much below the expected. Honestly, I must have been the youngest guest, and I was the only one with noticeable breakouts and discolourations. I blame it on the coffee, as always!
To eat, I had Option 3 on the menu – a Calzione – and mum had the same. Fareeda had a toast with mushrooms and tomatoes, while Linda opted for the traditional breakfast.

The food was good and the talk flowed easily between us ladies.Calizone Breakfast Amici
“You know,” said Linda at one point, “I think I’m addicted to Clinique.”
We all smiled.
Soon we were talking about how much we loved the Clinique make-up because it’s so comfortable and hypo-allergic. Linda had the same problem as me when it came to other brands of eye make-up, and everyone swore by the Clinique make-up remover.

Annaline left to attend to those who had foregone breakfast, choosing instead to  meet her at the store, while Reena stayed with us four and informed us of more events being planned quite soon for loyal Clinique customers in the region.

Clinique bonus gift July August 2016

As the hour came to an end, Reena once again reminded us of the bonus gift (available for the next few weeks) and handed out some complimentary mini-make-over cards and an invite to experience the new colour product launching in September – the Pop Matte and Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer – something I can’t wait to try!
She also informed us that we’d get a special gift in addition to the bonus gift if we bought products at the store that morning.

Clinique Even Better SP15 Makeup
Annaline’s favorite: Even Better Make-Up SP15
Clinique beyond perfecting concealer shades for africa
Annaline’s second favourite: Beyond Perfecting concealer

I managed to corner Annaline at the store and find out which is her favorite product. It’s this, with a close second to this – not just for weddings!

Clinique Lip Chubby Stick
Ta-da! Chubby Sticks!

Then we both discovered a shared excitement over our favorite shades and products which had been discontinued and are now available, including the Mocha Blusher and the no-nonsense Chubby Stick – my absolute favorite Clinique product after the Make-up remover!

Mum made a quick call to dad and came home with both gifts and a smile. So did I – I snagged the lippy from mum’s bonus gift (back to the reds after the browns) – a good daughter’s privilege ;-D

Clinique 3step with bonus gift
Mum’s 3-Step + Bonus
Clinique breakfast additional gift
Mum’s breakfast goers gift

I’d like to thank Reena, Annaline, CliniqueSA and RedSquare for a great morning – not forgetting Linda and Fareeda too, for some good old-fashioned girl-talk 😀

For more information on CliniqueSA and their upcoming events, go to their website, FB page, or talk to your white-coated Clinique Consultant.
RedSquare and Edgars cosmetic counters can be found in most local South African malls and airports to satisfy your Clinique curiosity or needs.


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