Noisetrade: Dispersing Beautiful Music

I’ve meant to write about since April, soon after I started downloading from the music and eBook site. For a music fan like me, it’s been nothing but a boon.

I’d joined to help distribute my eBooks and find more readers, and became a fan of some truly gifted and inspiring music artist in the process.
Some of you may know I depend a lot on music to help keep me focused on the feel or action of my work in progress. I’ve found so much great music on Noisetrade to help me with that, that I very seldom listen to the radio any more.

Here’s six of the albums and EPs I’ve downloaded during my first month on Noisetrade. But before I get to them, you’ll want to know how it all works.

How Noisetrade Works:

Musicians have an Artist Account, writers have an Author Account and people who wish to download material off the site have a Fan Account. Even as an artist or author, you must have a fan account to download. And that’s the account I’m going to be talking about.

Once I have my login details, I can set up a profile and all sorts of other things. I can then browse through the many genres of music (or books) and explore artists (or author) pages. The artist page has the album for download along with all the tracks available for preview. There are also music videos (usually), links to the artist’s official website and other news or information.

Once I’ve decided to download an album, I click on the big orange download button and a box opens asking me to confirm that I wish to download in exchange for my email address. Once I agree, the download usually starts automatically and I am also reminded to donate a tip to the artist if I so wish. I can decline if I don’t.

This download information is added to my account page, along with the option to tip/donate the artists at a later date. As long as the material is available on Noisetrade, I can go back and download it at a later stage too.

The downloaded folder is zipped. Unzipped, the individual files are mp3s of varying quality. Of all the albums I’ve downloaded, there’s only one or two which aren’t high quality.

My email address is sent to the artist/author and is mostly used to subscribe me to their mailing lists. So far, I’ve received no spam, just the odd email on tours, events, or new releases. I think it’s a good exchange as I’m not likely to forget these artists who’ve been on my playlists for so long, and I’ll be looking for more of their music in the future, especially when they make it into my perennial favorites list!

I love that I can discover and enjoy so many artists I’d never know existed otherwise.
I thought I’d share six of my favourite albums with you. I’m still listening to tracks off them after five months. Yep, they’re all that good!


NEW Cover High ResE(1)Shel: Crazy Enough Collection 2. SHEL Color Press ShotE

Official Website
This all girl band is brilliant. Shel makes the perfect soundtrack music for movies and writers in need of a slightly edgy feel; violins, guitars, sultry vocals… You Could Be My Baby has them all. The softer duet Hold On with Gareth Dunlop is also a huge favourite of mine.


original-not_for_sale_cover_art_big_rgb Dominic Balli: Not For Sale View More:

Official Website
Reggae isn’t something I listen to as much as indie and rock. Dominic Balli’s tunes makes a nice change of pace for me based on good solid summer reggae and positivity. Here’s a man who wants to change the world with his music, and he’s going about it in an interesting way. Earlier this year, Dominic Balli made a call for venues for his summer tour – in fans’ backyards!
I hope he writes a book about his experiences soon ‘cos I think there’ll be more than one good story in it 😀
My favourite tracks are the upbeat No Stopping Us and the uplifting Fly.


original-mindy_gledhill-coverart-300Mindy Gledhill: Anchor mindy-about-image

Official Website
This was one of my first downloads and I’m still hooked on most of the melodies! I have a confession to make: Mindy Gledhill’s Anchor is now my happiness playlist!
With the magical, innocent, sweet voice and sentiments of your favourite romance movies, I defy you to remain down after listening to Anchor and All The Pennies.
She’s a wonderful antidote to much of the negativity and social pressures out there.
It may not be cool to adore her songs, but I do 😀 And if I had a child, I’d be singing her songs as lullabies.


 original-music_from_wild_north_album_cover_2016_clean_-_72dpi-1000pxHomeless Balloon – Music From Wild North HelgeKrabyeofHomelessBalloon668x668v-03

Official Website
This Norwegian musician brings more magic into my life. The current fantasy I’m writing is set in Norway, so these instrumental tracks have been just perfect to play in the background. So evocative of nature, they really help bring alive the setting to me.
Reindeer Fight has the tension I need to express in certain scenes while Straws in The Wind has both the gentleness and unpredictability of the magic in my story.
I feel really blessed to have found this rich instrumental album.


original-eclectica_cover_frontGrown Up Avenger Stuff: Eclectica Grown Up Avenger Stuff photo cred Heathir Speet

Official Website
So I still sometimes listen to Garbage, the band I mean, and Grown Up Avenger Stuff has the same feel: sometimes angry, sometimes angsty, sometime plain stuff-every-one-else-and-just-be-yourself sound. Also perfect for soundtracks and roadtrips, I would think.
And my favourites? It’s their songs with ‘you’: You and I and What You Are, the second of which has made it into my perennial favourites already.


FF_16_DailyLineup_web Firefly 2016Firefly Music Festival Mixtape 2016

Official Website
With a generous track-list and a variety of genres, this proved an interesting download.
Unfortunately, no longer available, it still has a wealth of tracks I’m still discovering. Firefly Music Festival 2017 is already on the cards and I wish I could attend…If this mixtape was anything to go by, it will have something for everyone and be a huge amount of fun to boot!
My favourites? So hard to pick, so I’m going to list a few:
Hayden JamesSomething About You
Hollis BrownWait For Me Virginia
Moon TaxiAll Day All Night
Whilk and MiskyRain Dance (My favourite, fave which always reminds me of Australia for some reason – maybe it’s the rainmaker in the background :-D)

There are many more wonderful albums I’m hoping to share with you. In the meantime, gave these a listen and let me know what you think 😀


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