Mind Body and Soul in Midrand

It’s great beginning a day at a Day Spa, even if you’re just accompanying your aunt for a little quality girl’s time. Naturally, I have to tell you all about it 😀

We arrived at Mind Body And Soul Day Spa in Midrand just before my aunt’s Groupon bought hair appointment at 10am on a beautiful Thursday morning. We stepped into a cool patio beyond which lies an inviting pool-side.

Much to my aunt’s disappoint, the voucher was misleading and after some discussion Joanna, the beautiful owner of this new day spa, agreed to exchanging the hair appointment for a pedicure instead.
We were welcomed into the beauty rooms by Cynthia and Aluwani, and met Joanna then too. Aluwani made us much appreciated tea while Cynthia took my aunt’s feet in hand and began the pedicure.

Joanna, having her nails done at the time, proved very friendly. She soon had us comfortable and talking about all sorts of things. It was fascinating to hear about her adventures during the recent opening of this new day spa and her awesome plans for the future. One can’t help but wish her well and applaud her excellent taste in décor as well as her ability to put clients at ease.

m_Cynthia on pedi 2
Pedicure lovers heaven as presented by Cynthia

By this time, my aunt was feeling totally pampered by Cynthia’s very thorough and painstaking pedicure. While waiting and chatting to the ladies,
Aluwani very kindly offered me a neck massage. Using lemon essential oil, this neck and shoulder massage was exactly what I needed after all the time I spent in front of my computer.

There’s nothing that gets ladies talking as much as a pampering session. Aluwani, a gentle easy-going young woman and an ethic hair and braiding specialist, told us a little of her journey from Limpopo to Johannesburg. She’s such an inspiration: full of kindness and wisdom far older than her years would suggest. Her feet are planted firmly in the ground too. It was an absolute joy talking to her – more so when I discovered that she’s the kind of reader every writer would love to meet!
You must tell people you write. You must tell your stories. In five, six years, the young students will be reading your books in school!” 

Aluwani disperses wisdom along with massage and hair advice.
Aluwani disperses wisdom along with massage and hair advice.

Music to my ears and great advice for any writer, even though I’m not sure my stories will appeal to school boards :-D. Aluwani’s enthusiasm is warming, more so since she’s such a genuine soul. Meeting her was exactly what I’d needed that morning.

m_Cynthia & Miranda 2
My aunt with Cynthia after the pedicure.

Cynthia, a KZN girl like my aunt and myself, soon had us laughing too. She’s a beauty specialist with a list of clients who adore her pedicures. Cynthia’s earthy charm rises slowly to the surface and if she’s silent for a while, it’s because she’s concentrating hard on getting the treatment as perfect as possible. It’s easy to see why she’s in such demand in the beauty department. My aunt was very happy and impressed by Cynthia’s expertise.

I’d like to thank Joanna, Aluwani and Cynthia for a wonderful morning. I can’t think of better way to spend a spring morning in Gauteng: being pampered, excellent service, tea, and new friends 😀

About Mind Body and Soul Day Spa

Specialising in ethic hair and braiding, this spa also offers hair treatments and styling. High quality hair pieces are available.
Body treatments range from massages (including G5 Deep Tissue), facials, exfoliation and slimming treatments.
Medical treatments include Botox and Skin Lightening. Beauty treatments range from pedicures and manicures to waxing and brow/eyelash tints.
High Teas are also offered, along with venue hire and corporate packages.
Secure parking is available but limited during peak periods.

Booking Tip: Weekday morning bookings are usually the quietest time. Weekends are extremely busy, so please book well in advance.

Mind Body and Soul Day Spa Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
7 Albertyn Street, Vorna Valley, Midrand, South Africa
tel: +27 11 073 5368

m_Aluwani full

m_Cynthia fullAluwani specialises in Ethnic Hair and Braiding. She she also does massages.
Cynthia specialises in Pedicures, Manicures and other Beauty treatments.


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