Let’s Not Do The Time-Warp, yeah?

Where to start? You might have noticed that I’ve missed quite a few weeks of posting during this last quarter of 2016, and it’s because…well, I think I got stuck in some kind of time-warp or something.
Like really, I have no conscious memory of much of what happened in October and November 2016…

I know there were two white dogs, one of which kept falling into the pool and then having to be helped out.
I know there was a fun-run and numbed hands from fishing for water and cool-drinks from the ice-tub.
I know there were a few cool days, but mostly relentless heat which must have short-circuited my brain and so led to this deplorable memory loss and/or loss of time… But there are a few clues of what I’ve been up to. And as for December, well, we’ll get to that…

Clue No.1: Second Chances – A Love Anthology

second-chances-kindle-coverOnline records indicate that yours truly had been quite busy continuing her work of September 2016 by completing her contribution to this love anthology in aid of charity. Furthermore, if you hadn’t been swirling away in the Twilight heat-haze Zone, you might have read a post going on about my newest novella, Three Million’s A Crowd in this five author anthology, and you might have even read the first part of the first chapter! But I’m guessing from the look on your face that you’ve been in the same T-Zone as me…Never mind, I totally get it.


I’d also been very, very busy putting up this rather nice (as I’m told) website for Second Chances – A Love Anthology and have been regularly (okay, regularish) updating it. Especially as the regional newspapers and national radio services have been so kind in their support of this eBook. Perhaps you should too (hint, hint).

Clue No.2…

Er…yah, I had it minute ago. It was just there at the tip of my fingers and mind…and it just…Why am I hearing the X-Files theme? Never mind. Moving along…

Clue No.3: Notes!

I have notes (actual notes!) on the posts I had planned (but sadly not written) including: My Nemesis Underwear Model, A Writer’s guide to Geologists, and Shipwrecks.
My folders show me some draft artwork and collected images, too. Clearly, I was at the point of writing them, could envision uploading them, but just as clearly I lost the plot somewhere…Perhaps when I realised that X-Files Season 11(?) is here. And, to my regret, I can only remember watching one rather strange, and endearing episode.

So what do you think? Should I write out these three nebulous posts? Do you think they might keep the effects of time-warps at bay?

Clue No.4: Bits of stories here and there

Like notes, it seems I’ve been writing little shorts and submitting them here and there. It’s good I’ve forgotten I’d submitted them, or else I’d be impatiently checking my inbox every ten minutes.

Clue No.5: December arrived and Stuff Happened

So here we are the end of December and all sorts of stuff happened. Including, believe it or not, yours truly being interviewed on national radio, for the first time ever! This on the afternoon following the morning in which my dad had to be rushed to hospital after doing an involuntary Humpty-Dumpty impersonation (fortunately, he’s all back together again).
screenshot-safm-literature-interview-18-dec-2016Now, I might have thought this strange occurrence of the SAfm interview was just another weird dream effect of heat-induced whatyamacallit, but this link proves otherwise! So glad our interview with Nancy Richards on SAfm Literature was not a hallucination, unlike those two kangaroos hanging out in our garden and the little white dog who kept chasing me around the dining room table. Oh, hang on, the doggie was real. Okay! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Clue No.6 New book!

Yep, somewhere in November and then in December, I experimented with writing tarotscopes. Some of you may know that I’m a tarot reader, and what better way to merge it with my writing than to write tarotscopes – a tarot reading for your zodiac sign, like a horoscope.
tarotscopes-bI stuck one up for December 2016, then found myself writing a new book for the whole of 2017… And then (and this makes me think the whole time-warp T-Zone effect has all but diminished) I also managed to put up tarotscopes for January 2017! The monthly scopes are over at Leennascreativebox, while the eBook is already up on Smashwords and iTunes (thank you Smashwords!) and will soon be available at other good book stores including B&N Nook, Inktera, and possibly libraries supported by Overdrive.

And I still had time to bake!
Shortbread, some kind of Eccles-type Cake (yes, I know it’s not Easter, but whatever) and this chicken thing. I assure you they are all edible.

So today I feel like I’m back to my normal lucid self and it looks like it might rain too! Woohoo!

And my new lucidity shows that 2017 is just about here! See you then 😀

Wishing you a safe, joyful, cool, and T-Zone-free New Year!


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