Three Million’s A Crowd Soundtrack: Second Chances blog tour


Welcome to the Second Chances – A Love Anthology Blog Tour!

I love music. It keeps me focused as a writer in a fun way. So I thought I’d share some of the tracks I listened to (on continuous play) while writing about Vivian and Munro’s Second Chance. Bet there’s a few surprises in here for you!


The Three Million’s A Crowd Soundtrack

Writing to a soundtrack helps me stay in my story’s mood and reminds me of my characters’ driving motivations. Like Settle Down Now and No Distance To Run, Three Million’s A Crowd (though shorter) required a certain feel which I had to sustain over a period of a month or so, unlike writing a short story in one sitting.

Here’s ten of my favourite, and most important to the story, songs from my playlist .

P.S Some of these songs may be new to you as they were downloaded from which I’ve posted about before.

TempDrive by Josh Hoover
This instrumental track evoked for me much of the roads traveled by Vivian and Munro. It’s wistful, slightly sad notes reminded me that this was not a joyride for Munro, and that Vivian’s sadness was heartbreaking. But more so, it conjured images of the long, straight roads, the dry deserts and the stark landscapes holding both Munro and Vivian in safe limbo at the beginning of the race.

The Honeythief by Hipsway
I thought this song might have reminded Munro of Vivian when he first sees her, just before the race starts. He’s obviously attracted to her, but determined to avoid falling into what he would thinks is a honey-trap. Besides, I had to sneak in a Scottish song somewhere.

Moonshine by The Likes Of Us
I couldn’t resist adding a song by one of my favorite bands of 2016. This upbeat tune picked up the mood of the story when I needed it to. Its theme of hard-work and looking forward to a fun/rewarding outcome is what keeps both Vivian and Munro going for much of the story. Besides, it’s such a romantic song, isn’t it?

Down Among The Dead Men by Flash In The Pan
So, if you’ve been paying attention to my posts on Three Million’s A Crowd, you’ll know part of the story is set in Western Australia and involves some of their shipwrecks. This song was pure indulgence and served to keep me company during my research. I think it’s a song Vivian would have listened to, as well, during her own research. Strangely, this song is one of the earliest I remember hearing on the radio (yep, Capital 604 for all you Durbanites). And I still think it’s an absolute classic 😀

Avalanche by Kosheen
This song typifies Vivian’s attitude about Munro — for me anyway. She wants to be with him and save him too, no matter the cost to her. She knows there are problems, that something is very wrong, but she ignores it at first…And then she realizes the enormity of it all, and does the only thing in her power she’s capable of to heal them both. True love at its best?

Walking Backwards by Leagues
This song was one of my Munro ones. I think it perfectly captures his character arc and emotions for most of the story. But, is he walking backwards while Vivian walks forward? I can’t quite make up my mind on that point 😀 This song’s upbeat feel got me going on the more action-orientated scenes too.

Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park
This had to be Munro’s dark-night-of-soul song. What else could he play for her? What would you have him play for her?

Trying To Break Your Heart by Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers
Aww, such a sweet, innocent sounding song which also evokes both Vivian’s past issues and Munro’s present ones. Poor Munro, this one’s also one of his, isn’t it?

Brave Baby by Plastic Skateboard
Another song which is fairly new to my playlist. Again, this one evokes the desert/coastal locations for me and those long, hot roads. It also mixes the strong desires and emotional conflicts perfectly. Besides, both Vivian and Munro were trying to be cool, and had to be brave instead.

Maps by Maroon 5
So this was the no-brainer song. The story is set in a treasure hunt. There are maps. There’s a lover yearning to get back together…This is a second chance we’re talking about! And if Mr Levine and friends aren’t going on about Vivian and Munro, who are they singing about? Okay, okay! It’s another Munro song. Guess he’s the music lover of the two.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoy the soundtrack and the story too.

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