My Secret Nemesis? Underwear Model!

Confession time. Every now and again when I have some spare time and data, I head over to Playbuzz and lose and hour or two taking the personality quizzes, love and dating quizzes, and for some reason, eyesight quizzes. Like a person with too much change standing next to a blingy slot-machine, I feed in my choices and often get surprising responses, some of which actually are truly random and memorable.

So it was that in fits of boredom many months apart, I played the same love/dating quizzes in a row, certain in the knowledge that I would get the more…normal (shall we say) responses the second time around. Imagine my utter shock when both times (both!) returned the very same answer!

And now you’re wondering what those were and why they are so shocking.

The first one I played was (duh-duh-duh-da!) Who Is Secretly In Love With You?
My shocking answer (twice and many months apart, I remind you again) was:
Your Nemesis! (duh-duh-duhhhhh)

Hey, look! Underwear model.

The second was game was (duh-duh-duh-da!) Who Will You Marry?
And the truly shocking answer was: An underwear model! (duh-duh-what!)
That was my second reaction, my first being to roll about the floor with laughter. How, how? Could I get this answer twice when most responses were: Your Best Friend, or The Boy Next Door?

Nemesis Underwear Model? No, No, I don’t think so.

Though to be honest The Boy Next Door is way too young for me and my best friends are all married. So I guess I get left with, by some kind of weird default, (duh-duh-duh-da!) Underwear Model.

Googling underwear model male made me really feel sorry for him. It can’t be an easy job trying to look cool and natural in your undies under unnatural light surrounded by the photo crew and possibly the general public gawking at you? But perhaps he is as short-sighted as me and just sees a psychedelic blur once his glasses are off — great help in certain distressing situations.

But it seems I’m not meant to marry just any Underwear Model. No, apparently, according to Playbuzz, he is my (duh-duh-duhhhhh) secretly-in-love-with me nemesis!

This whole nemesis thing really threw me, ‘cos I don’t know anyone who looks like this:

The Anti-Leenna!

And generally speaking, I don’t go around thinking: There goes my nemesis Anti-Leenna. Let’s drop a ton of bricks on him, or something. I mean, who does that?

And really, can anyone see me ending up with an underwear model who’s my nemesis? Who is he (apart from an underwear model? And why would he be my nemesis? This is the worrying question. Why would he be (duh-duh-duhhhhh) my nemesis?

Moral of this story: Never, never play the same Playbuzz games twice.

Moral of this story take two: Play these games more than once and you might just end up with some ideas for your next story…maybe.


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