Update: April 2017

Wow! Yet another month flipped through like those old movie montages of calendar days flying off. So here’s a little montage of all my news for the past few weeks featuring Here Be Monsters, The Bagua, an April guest-post on OTV Mag, some Badly Drawn Lines, and about that long overdue newsletter.

So, Here Be Monsters, my first novella and first real sci-fi story, has finally been fully revised with a brand new beginning, and some new scenes. Thanks to my awesome beta-readers, I’ve been able to retain most of the heart of the original and spruce up the rest of it to get to the good stuff quicker.

I’m really happy about this because this quirky little story is still one of my faves and I would have been loathe to rework it totally. And, together with The Bagua, the reception of this story reinforces my confidence as a writer, even in my earlier works 😀 In fact, S Shane Thomas, gives this little Mars mystery 5-stars!

The new revised edition of Here Be Monsters is now available at iTunes, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Inktera, Scribd and the usual eBookstores and libraries you’re used to seeing my work on.

If you’ve downloaded the previous version of Here Be Monsters from Smashwords, you should be able to download this revised edition for free by logging into your Smashwords account. If you can’t, please let know and tell me the designation of Mr Sib to get your revised copy.


I’m so pleased to share that my guest-post (the first in a very long time) is up this week on the OTV Mag.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to read and write up these love tarotscopes focusing on New Beginnings Vs Second Chances for OTV’s Resurrection theme. So if you’ve been agonizing over these love possibilities, be sure to have a read to get another perspective. Or if you’re a romance writer, you might want to read it through to get some ideas for your characters, like one of my writer friends does ;-D


So, if you’ve been following my reviews on my blogs and on Goodreads, you’ll know that one of my writing buddies, S Shane Thomas, writes the LARC/Anki Legacies which have drawn me in deeply. Now, Shane’s got a feature on his website where others can contribute to this universe by submitting their own fanfic. I’d had ‘Write a LARC story’ in my Meaning-To-Do list for a while now, so when an older story of mine Badly Drawn Lines became available (it had been in submission for almost 18 months!) I felt compelled to share it with Shane and his readers. Why? Because it just felt right! You see, I remember writing Badly Drawn Lines at about the same time I came across Shane’s work over at Critters and read Chasing Stars. I also remember being so surprised that I’d written in an Annuki in this short piece – one which strangely coincides with Shane’s ideas on them, even though I hadn’t read the Nibiru stories yet. Badly Drawn Lines is another little quirky piece which was written about the time (might have been the same day actually) as my firm favourite Unalienable Right.

See if you can guess the original setting of Badly Drawn Lines. Hint: it’s one of my favourite rails. Be one of the first three to tell me the name of the train and the continent it runs on, and I’ll send you a free copy of your choice of one of my eBooks.


The universe sent me another gift all wrapped up in The Bagua. I published this short story on Sweek.com in February during the #sweeklove competition. To my astonishment, The Bagua was a finalist! It’s great to have my earlier work appreciated in this way. Thank you Sweek.com!

The Bagua was one of my first stories to be set in China. In some ways it got me into the frame of mind to write Situation No Win. Only this story has stronger fantasy elements and a dragon! The Bagua draws a lot from my visits to the temples in the Yulin area, like that of Erlangshan.


So, about my newsletter. It’s also very high on my Mean-To-Do-List. I’m moving into my Seriously-To-Do list as of this week, and plan to tell you more about these stories, my for-now-under-wraps story and other little tidbits. I’ve also decided to send out discounted Smashwords coupons for some of my eBooks (it’s the only site I can currently offer from) for all my newsletter subscribers. I’ll also be telling you a little more about what I’m reading and doing otherwise.

For the future, I’m currently working on a couple of blog posts I’m hoping is going to be a lot of fun. I’m gathering the material (you know how I love my visuals) and plan on getting back into my regular blogging schedule this April.

BTW, would you like to see more of my flashfic on this blog, or do you prefer downloading a collection of them in eBook format.

Thanks! And a happy spring/safe autumn to everyone.



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