I was going through some of my old work and came across this writing exercise from the FutureLearn course I did last year. It’s much like an exercise I used to do with my students who loved guessing the ‘Truth’ and the ’Lie’.

What better way than to have some fun again. See if you can guess better than my students used to, and my fellow classmates did.

The first piece has 1 fiction written specifically for this exercise. The second piece has only one truth, which is the easiest to guess!

No points, but if you’d like, I’ll send you the revised eBook of Here Be Monsters if you’re one of the first three to guess either the fact or the fiction right. Bet you can’t! 😀

3 Facts 1 Fiction

I used to have a little blue Golf—sapphire really, especially when just washed. I was young and more reckless than I should have been while driving my Golf, often leaving tyre marks at stop-signs and traffic lights. I was extremely lucky to only have had two scrapes whilst driving.
The first one was when I backed into a 4×4 whilst reversing out of a parking spot; broken tail-light for me, and a scratch on the 4×4 bumper.
The second was more damaging—a long deep gouge from the garage door. Fortunately, it seemed to make my Golf theft-proof.

1 Fact 3 Fiction

My first full day in China was pretty relaxing. I got up late, and stood for a few moments on the hotel balcony, just taking in the hustle and bustle of the largest city I’d ever visited.
Cleansing snow was falling in, much to my delight. For breakfast, I wandered off to KFC, which was to become my habit from then on.


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