Update: A wee catch-up

With the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale now in it’s second week, I thought it would be fun to let you know which of my books is now ‘trending’ within my own catalogue. Surprise, surprise–they’re all short stories!
Also, where you can find more of my free flash-fic, where to find a behind the scenes look at Here Be Monsters, and a heads up on my romance/women’s fiction anthology releasing this month (or so).

So, these are my ebooks getting the most attention from Smashwords users over the past ten days of the Summer/Winter Sale. These titles are also available on iTunes, B&N, Kobo, Inktera and other ebook stores, with all perma-frees at the same no-price.

2 short stories

Number One: Foreigners

This surprised me as Foreigners is one of my perma-free duo of short stories, one set in Northern China and the other in my home-town in South Africa.
It’s a short read, one fun and the other more dramatic.

How to deal with looming dsytopia

Number Two: Ride The Wave, Kiss The God

This stand-alone pre-2012 setting, and how to face the predicted end of the world, is currently 100% off in the sale. Also a bit of a surprise as this title hasn’t had as much interest shown in it in the past. I guess it’s time I released something new!
Looking at the cover again, it’s reminding me that it’s one of my favourite book covers so far 🙂

Number Three is a tie: Slipped Up and Dear Santa

Slipped Up, a short cozy-styled crime read set in Johannesburg, has been a favourite download over the past year during the Smashword sales. Currently at 100% off as well. It’s a magazine-style read perfect for your short lunch-break.
Dear Santa, another perma-free short of mine, was another unexpected surprise. I guess there are a few celebrating Christmas in July this year!

Number Five: The Incident At Wolfe Creek

This one totally threw me for the extremely good reason that it’s still a work-in-progress, began as my NanoWriMo project in 2014. It’s very incomplete and not much edited, so why it’s ‘trending’ at the moment is a complete mystery to me 🙂 Guess I should get around to completing this Aussie inspired sci-fi, which has nothing (save a crater) in common with the horror film of a similar name.
Hint: If you’re downloading this currently free WIP, you might want to skip Chapters 1-2, unless you’re extremely familiar with South West WA, or have a map handy. My beta-readers found those chapters the hardest going. I’d love your feedback on this work, as I’m not quite sure what to do with it. Every once in a while, a writer begins what they soon realise is an overwhelmingly ‘big’ story. This is mine 🙂

Other news:

Here Be Monsters is still on sale for the next week or so. Read an exclusive behind-the-scenes look over at The book Drealms–Travelogue Of A Book Addict.


Read for free on Sweek.com

Flash-fiction News! #storytellers

I’ve been putting up more of my short and flash-fiction up on Sweek.com, which is running a flash-fiction contest using the hashtag #storytellers. If you register on Sweek, you can read them for free using that hashtag to search for them. I’ve uploaded two Confessions of a Shapeshifter (about 250 words each), Spiked, a YA effort (about 150 words) and Substitute Ice-cream, a sweet Valentine fantasy (about 250 words).
I’ve been having fun entering these Sweek competitions, and am looking forward to putting up more work and entering more competitions. There’s some really good, and unusual, work there as well. My favourite short so far has been ‘Beezelbub Wants Pancakes’. There are wonderful entries from India, and slice of life/true-life experience reads as well.

Consoling News

I’m in the processing of compiling another collection of short stories and a novella for you. The novella is my current favourite, Three Million’s A Crowd, which is the title of the collection. With it, will be Slipped Up, Ride The Wave, Kiss The God and Spiked as well as an additional never-before-released story or two.

I’m also planning on bringing out a sci-fi and fantasy anthology soon. I’ll keep you posted on that too.

And in my TBR list (hoping I’m going to able to read&review them all by December):

Alex Avrio (recommended by S.Shane Thomas)

Joanne MacGregor, (from Africa Bookfair Online)

Alan Dean Foster (long overdue!)

Aziza Eden Walker (from Africa Bookfair Online)

Lots of exciting news coming in August! Can’t wait to tell you 😀


4 thoughts on “Update: A wee catch-up

      1. Hello – Oh, I should check it (Sweek) out. I am writing – chapters for memoir and illustrating for the song of the turtle. Finally have some time, now that I don’t have to help with the PNG national literature comp. Hard work. But, I’m getting back into the little stories…hehe. ps – would love to read some of yours.

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