It’s out today! 3 Million’s A Crowd

I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it, but I’m going to write one last post about it! And as I love, love, love how the cover turned out, I thought I’d give you an insiders look at that too. Then there’s a little on the exclusive never-before-published short story, Not That Kind Of Guy.

In case you missed all the previous posts on my fun novella Three Million’s A Crowd, here they are:
And don’t forget, you can listen to what might happen after (it’s a tarot reading after all) to Viv and Munro here.

About the cover:

So, you might have noticed my covers have been very hit and miss as I tend to do them myself. In the past, they depended a lot on what I found interesting/challenging to do, and my own slightly weird taste. As from last year, with the redesign of Here Be Monsters and Situation No Win (yeah, yeah, I know, but a girl’s got only so many hands and one brain and computer (not wired together:-)))

I’ve upped my own expectations of what my covers ought to look like and re-educated myself on how to design them.

This particular cover uses Pixabay images. The model’s photo (isn’t she gorgeous!) is by Pexels. I think she looks just like Viv, and Viv would totally have a hat like that!
There’s another image of some gold coins, also from Pixabay.

I placed some filters over both images, merged them, and there was the dusky, slightly myopic character from the novella. She could also conceivably be the characters from Ride The Wave, and Not That Kind Of Guy.

Originally, my name was in black, then white, then transparent. But it either faded too far into the background or was distracting from the title, so I opted for one of my favourite blues. I think it complements the richness of the main image very well, but that’s just me 🙂 I’m well satisfied with this one!

About Not That Kind Of Guy

This exclusive short story of about 2000 words was written at about the same time as Slipped Up, So I’m Sitting There and No Distance To Run. In it, I draw on the atmosphere of the design studios I worked in, and the kind of job-bag throwing that used to go on. There’s probably electronic versions of job-bags these days which, I’m guessing, aren’t as much fun as those paper plastic encased/manila folder ones we used.

And yes, the oneness with the Mac, the dire need for caffeine and the zoning out—that’s all from actual experience on twelve-hour shifts. Fortunately, I’ve never had my mouse-hand crushed by anyone as I tended to sit in a corner where-ever I could. Yes, I even had a oneness with the mouse…but that’s just me 😀

And there you have it! My last post (but don’t hold me to it) on Three Million’s A Crowd—A Short Story Collection.

BTW, I’ve got five copiess to give away. If you’d like one, be one of the first five to drop me a line via the contact form and a freebie coupon from Smashwords for a format of your choice (ebooks only including mobi for Kindle) is yours. All feedback welcome!


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