Update March 2018: Quest Episodes, WIPs and Friends

Hi there! And welcome to another of my updates (and yes, I know I’m terrible at keeping dates these days:-D) What follows is what is best described as a series of updates covering The Quest For The Wholly Pale, my WIPS and some exciting news from some special friends. Much of this should have been posted over the past four months or so. But before I get into this bundled missive…

Thank you all for your likes and reading of my flash fiction while I’ve been away from my normal blogging! I’m really surprised at the response and love that you’re enjoying the less traditional stories:-)


Cover for WIS series by Leenna naidooQuest For The Wholly Pale is up to Episode 4!

I still can’t believe I’m writing episodic fiction. I have to admit that it’s growing on me, and I’m loving where the story is going and how the characters and planets are developing. With our super-cool editor, Kasey, catching all our mistakes, I’m really confident in how it’s all turning out.

Episode 4 is the one I’m most excited about so far. It still gives me the giggles. And when I sent wee brither one of the puns, he actually laughed out loud—which doesn’t happen as often as you think. Episode 4 draws on a very special place on Earth, my old Pratchett friend—Detritus—and an old friend who inspired the wizard TamTam. There’s also a nod to some good ol’geology in it for those of you who like that sort of thing.

I also thought the series needs more space on my website, so I’ve started an episode guide. You can get an overview of the series so far, and ensure you catch all the locations and characters in the right order.

Quest For the Wholly Pale is still free to read with your free download of the Fictionite app, so there’s really no reason for you not to enjoy Emrys and his punny journey, with this friends Dierder and Parchment. And if you’re wondering, yes I’m still pretty sure I’m channeling a lot of Terry Pratchett (or his parallel world twins) in this series. If you don’t believe me, go check it out for yourself 😀

Note: The Wizard In Space sampler with all our Episode 1s is now available via Barnes&Noble and other eBook stores.


Your Tarotscopes by Leenna NaidooTarotscopes

The reason I’ve been kind of quiet and…absent from blogging regularly since October 2017, is because of my work on Your Tarotscopes 2018. It’s finally out, after a long, long delay and much tension.

It was, without doubt, the most intense writing period of my writing career, with me getting over 120 000 words and the eBook designed, formatted and uploaded before mid-February. Writing tarotscopes is very different to my fiction writing. It’s downright tiring. I have to ensure that the message is most important—not the writing. It was an interesting journey, and not without it’s benefits, but I’m really, really glad I can get back to my fiction 🙂


CRES editorial assistant and ads

Some of you may know about my first reading and some assistant editorial work that I’ve done for Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. It’s grown a lot since Out of Brambles first appeared in it. I thank my lucky stars I managed to get a story placed with them at all. As first reader and ed assistant, I’ve seen all the awesome stories and amazing writing I’d be competing with now. I’m constantly awed by the marvelous stories submitted to the Myths, Legends and Fairytales section, and have sometimes read a few of the fantasy stories, too. It’s truly tough for the editors to decide which stories to buy, and with 4 recommendations from Tangent Online and 2 Nebula nominated stories in just 2 years, they are doing things right.

Which is why it’s been my pleasure to design some social media ads for CRES. What do you think of these?

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch shores adCosmic roots and eldritch shores adCosmic Roots and eldrritch shores ad

Cosmic Roots and eldritch shores ad

Revising: Walpole Were and Settle Down Now

Aside from the comedic series that is Quest, I’m still revising my older work and getting them up to my new set of standards. I’d always intended doing this since the day I first self-published I Find Myself Charmed, I had hoped and (truly believed back then) that my eBook sales would have funded their own refurbishment. Sadly, I’d missed the initial eBook boom, which may now be a boon as I have to take the slowly but surely approach. If you haven’t checked out the new covers for No Distance To Run and I Find Myself Charmed here they are:

New cover I Find Myself Charmed by Leenna Naidoo

New cover No Distance To Run By Leenna naidooCurrently, I’m revising one of my most unusual short stories, Walpole Were, set in the South Western forests of Western Australia. I’m also reworking Settle Down Now according to RaeRaleigh’s suggestion that the story would have worked better if I’d kept the Scottish past scenes in one block, or as a another book, and concentrated all the fun Indian Ocean mystery and romance in another part of book. So, ja, I’m currently splitting them into two: a novella prequel (the Scottish bits) and the main story.

After Settle Down Now is complete, I can finally turn my attention to the big revision of Situation No Win, which I know at least one of you is waiting patiently on. Sorry for the long wait, but Settle Down Now seemed the easier project to clear, so…And thanks for your patience. I so appreciate it 😀



I finally made it onto Patreon. I’ve been hemming and hawing over it for years now, and finally got the courage to dive in. It’s only for my tarot audio stuff, but I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this whole self-branding business.

If you’re curious, you can listen to a free all signs tarotscope over here. You’ll need to scroll down to my first ever post.


Coming Soon: Walpole Were

Short story cover by Leenna NaidooI love the cover! That snooty-faced joey giving you the eye has inspired me quite a bit. But he (or she) is from the East, NSW, and lived in Feathervale Park (hopefully still does). I’ll share some of the photos of the roos who truly inspired Walpole Were in another post, along with more on it. For the moment, I’m hoping to have this 8000 word story out to you by late March.

PS. Western Australia Now and Then (Wanowandthen) is a great resource that is being hit by defunding and reduced funding. Take a look at their Youtube and consider subscribing if you enjoy their aerial views and history snippets. Or you could also support them on Patreon.

News Flash! Like the whole Vegemite choc thing from Settle Down Now, 3-4 years after writing Walpole Were story, I just came across this! https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/39348980/video-of-possible-panther-captured-at-northam-western-australia/

Ferals! And in WA, too!


Friends News

Woowhoo! I’m so excited I can finally share about a great future release of my friend.
Congrats to Sam Taylor for placing Stars and Reeds with Reuts! We’ve been writing pals for over two years now, during which she’s sweated almost as much blood, sweat and tears over this adventure as Jameelah (the main character) has in trying to save her brother’s life. It’s an awesome story! I can’t wait to see it in real, live print!

Congrats also to my friend, Pravina Maharaj for her debut romantic suspense novel Angel in Ice. Pravina is expanding out of the romantic short story. She was also a contributor to Second Chances and a regular You Magazine fiction writer. Now she’s into something she’s equally excited about. I can’t wait to read my copy (yep that TBR is just growing unchecked) and will let you know all about it.

You may remember S.Shane Thomas, he of A Paleolithic Fable and Distant Origins. You’ll certainly know him if you follow me on FB as we’re often sharing each other’s posts and recommends. Well, Shane’s got a brand new super-duper site, his own Book Club and Youtube channel. It’s not just books, short stories and reviews but some crazy, amazing and downright fascinating stuff he’s finding in his research, too. Well worth a look, as is his newsletter.

And that’s all my news for now. Phew! That was long! I’ll be making some changes to the website soon (probably) and hope to keep posting more often.

‘Til next time!

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