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All The News August 2018

Hi there!

There’s so much that’s been going on since my last update. A revision complete, awesome news from my friends, and exciting news on the Fiction Vortex and my episodic fiction writing front too!

But first, a selection of my eBooks is now available on GooglePlay, Amazon and more local eBook stores!

After five years, I’ve expanded distribution, thanks to Publishdrive (affiliate link). And thanks to Tanya Lisle, too, for her excellent posts and tips for uploading to them.
It feels like a dream come true in some respects because my eBooks will be available not only at two Chinese sites—something for which I’ve been hoping for a long time—but in local Northern and Eastern European eBook outlets too 🙂
I’m excited to be able to reach new readers and give old readers the option to choose from various platforms and outlets from which to download my work. The perma-frees are still free at sites which support that pricing, as well as on Smashwords. And, as I have the most access to coupons and applying special deals at Smashwords, I’ll be running regular specials over there on certain titles.

Hot News:
The Fictionite App is now the StoryShop reading App on Google Play and the Apple Store, not to be confused with the Storyshop app for writers.

Quest For The Wholly Pale is up to Episode 6!

Episode 6 excerpt Quest For The Wholly PaleAs for Emrys and his Quest For The Wholly Pale…He’s going through some serious father issues, and Dierder’s going on a little walkabout at times. I had a lot of fun exploring how Emrys desperately tries being insane and then having a problem library visit. You can find out more here or still read all episodes for free for a limited time on the StoryShop App for readers. Soon only Episode 1 will be free, so binge on them all as soon as you can! Cover for Wizards In Space

And don’t forget The Wizard In Space sampler with all our Episode 1s is now available via most large print outlets, eBook stores, and some local book-stores. Don’t forget to ask for it at your local library, too!

I have to admit that episodes 5 and 6 have been the hardest for me to write so far. I’m so, so glad I didn’t follow my impulse and pitch for other Storyverses which excited me, or I’d be totally overwhelmed by this kind of writing. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just that working on episodes and maintaining story arcs consistently is slightly different than in a novel. I’m not used to repeating information to help readers remember certain facts and elements. But now I know why TV episodes have that little recap or flashback intro sequences 🙂
How do you feel about that kind of thing in fiction. Personally, as a reader, I often get annoyed by it sometimes as I feel that the writer assumes my memory is terrible, so as a writer my default is to avoid it. I’m in a mood for polls, so here’s a little one for you.


Revising: Situation No Win

So I’ve finally completed the revision of Settle Down Now and I’m calling it Settled (so imaginative, I know). But I haven’t yet re-released it as I’m waiting to hear back from a publisher I’d love to work with. Here’s hoping they’ll have good news for me soon!

And so, it’s finally time to revisit Tom and Melissa of Situation No Win and neaten up that story and my writing. I’ll be sending it out to beta-readers later in the year, then deciding what I want to do with it. Any suggestions?

Another Quick Poll


Short story cover by Leenna Naidoo

Cover for Here By Monsters by Leenna Naidoo Cover for Three Millions A Crowd by Leenna Naidoo

And if you haven’t yet read Walpole Were, Here Be Monsters or Three Million’s A Crowd and have some time to review them, I’ll send the first ten responders a free copy of the eBook of their choice (or all three). Scroll to the end of this post for the contact form.


Terribly Exciting Friends’ News

I’ve got super exciting news from Sam Taylor. She’s done it again! Some of you may remember YA wordsmith Sam’s winning an award and subsequent placing of her novel Stars And Reeds with Reuts. Sam’s newest completed novel, Flint, Flare, Flame has won the YARWA award under the Speculative Fiction category! So, so, chuffed that her hard-work is getting such recognition. Find out more about her winning, explosive novel featuring the strong-willed Oksana and dashing, brave Pran at Swoon.

Rob Rogers promo by Shane ThomasCongratulations to S.Shane Thomas on the release of his Rob Rogers Hollow Earth series. It’s hard to describe this one, but it’s fun! Sometimes Rob Rogers Meets A Unicorn reminds me of the original The X-Files TV series, at others Dude, Where’s My Car (or maybe I’m misremembering that one), and at others still, of a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie, maybe. Either way, it’s a fun quickie if conspiracy and humour is what you’re looking for. Shane’s also living the story by going on his own crytid-hunting adventures. Last I heard he was looking for the Jersey Devil in some midge-infested woods. Check out or his FB page to see if you can spot where (and what) he’s hunting next—and hopefully he’ll have remembered the bug-spray then.

And not forgetting Kathy Bosman. Congratulations to Kathy on her latest sweet novel, Cat Therapy. It’s awesome and has been acquired by Black Opal Books. It will have you looking at cats just a little differently:-)

‘Til next time, Happy reading!

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