Valentines letters 2019

RE: Valentines Letter

To All Of You Who’ve Never Received A Real Valentine

This isn’t one either.

But…I’d like to do something for you, and perhaps make the day more bearable for us-who’ve-never-received a real Valentines Letter/Card before. I reckon it will be fun (at least, I’m really, really hoping so).

I proposed to some deities of Love and Marriage (and my writing angels, too) that I send you Valentine’s Letters dictated to me by them. I really don’t know how this is going to work—whether I’ll end up channeling them, or write from my muse as I did Dear Santa.

But however it goes, it’s sure to be fun, and perhaps even insightful!

So, here’s how it will work.

Fill in the form below, and I’ll promise to respond to the first fifty letters received before 10 February 2019, 12pm CAT. You can be as serious or as light-hearted/humorous as you feel.
All replies will be sent via email on 14 February 2019 morning, CAT (lets pray to Mercury and Uranus there’s no IT issues and loadshedding then).
Please note that disrespectful, inappropriate, and ill-intended messages will receive no response. 

Who might you get a Valentine’s Letter from?

Vesta (Goddess of Home and Marriage), Shakti (Mother Goddess), Lakshmi (Goddess of Luck), Angus Ogg (Celtic God of Love), Quan Yin (Goddess of Woman and Children, Compassion), Cupid and Team (The God of The Arrows Of Love).

Let’s see if we can all make this Valentines Day the best one yet 😀


PS. If you are willing, I could post some of the letters on my blog using a pseudonym for you. Let me know if you’d like this.


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