Valentines meditation 2019 by Leenna

Re: Valentine Letter from Vesta

So, in my last post, I offered to do something different for this Valentines Day. I offered to channel (or try to channel) a letter from the love gods for you.

Unfortunately, no-one’s written in to take me up on it (I know it sounds scary), so it’s ended up being a meditation exercise for me alone. Perhaps you’ll want to try it yourself.

And as Solsdottir requested I let you know how the letter writing thing was going, I am going to do just that—at least in bits that I as a very private person (my-business-is-my-business) feels comfortable doing.

Below, find excerpts of my letter from Vesta, the goddess of Home and Marriage. I’m glad it was she who elected to ‘write me back’ as home and marriage are central to my concerns at the moment. Still I’m wondering what a letter from Angus Ogg might say to me, especially considering that last story I wrote with him in it…;-D

So, here’s what Vesta ‘wrote’ to me with my notes included. Scroll further to see my notes about the mediation. Solsdottir, this is just for you 🙂

Dear Leenna

It grieves me to see you waiting and waiting…I know you are wishing for answers and wish I could offer definites…For your reassurance, here is what I can tell you about…

I was at first surprised at the formal tone. I admit I’m not used to Greek and Roman deities communicating with me, and I guess it might have been odd for her, too. It did feel a little awkward as we communicated at first, and it was strange for me, too. She became slightly less formal as the letter went on, but overall she struck me as quite a serious deity. I do like her energy and sincerity, though. She showed me a concerned, straightforward and logical side of herself, which I appreciated. I got the feeling she takes all her tasks and duties very seriously. If deities had zodiac signs, I’d take her for a Taurus.
was also grateful she first acknowledged the wait I’ve been enduring. She cuts straight to the chase. I like her more and more 😀


Draw your home. Make the universe your home…

I liked that she gave me some manifestation tools to aid the process after explaining why the wait.
And while she suggested something I could do to call on her aid in the short term, she didn’t ask for anything in return (not that I’d think she ask for my first born or my hubby’s first kiss or anything like that:-)). So, again, I liked and respected her more and more as we communicated.

About ?: …perhaps a good friend.

I edited out the names and people she referred to in the letter. They were a guy I’d been wondering about and my Twin-flame. I found confirmation in this part of the letter.

Love is here because it is in your heart. (‘Love Is Here’ PJ Harvey)

The PJ Harvey song sounded in my head at this point. It used to be one of my favorites from the in the 90s, but I haven’t listened to it in the longest time, possibly back in 2010 or so (and now I can’t find a link to it, or even the track’s name). I’m going to find it off my old track-list and start listening to it again.

Before I go, here are three things about your man, because I know you like such things:

I do! That’s why I do stuff like that on my Patreon and Youtube 🙂

(3-4 environmental distractions which seemed like signs, then dictation)

I found the distractions interesting as they seemed more like signs she/the universe was sending me, although I don’t yet get the last one. This is the more usual way I get messages from the universe/my guides, so I noted them down. Then she dictated three more points.

He is… About his general presence.
He learns… About one of his hobbies/skills. It’s one I’ve often thought about studying myself and came very close to it at one point.
He is… About his domestic habits (well she is Vesta of the Home and Marriage so I appreciated this insight 🙂

Many hugs and much love

Her manner and information left me feeling comforted, but not in a fuzzy way—like getting a difficult diagnosis from a trusted doctor, and knowing they are genuinely looking out for your interests and finding a solution that is ideal for you. Needless to say, I am now a fan of Vesta. She doesn’t give you fluff and fuzziness but workable ideas and reassurance 😀

Notes On the Mediation

I was very lucky to be by the ocean just after sunrise for this meditation. Kleinsus and dad fished while I sat on the rocks looking out to sea, listening to the waves lap at the quay and the slight breeze pick up when the harbour traffic was still light.
I had to be still for longer than usual when I sat down, made a sacred space, and asked for one of the gods/goddesses from the six elected ones to reply. I wasn’t surprised, and felt good, that Vesta replied.

It didn’t all flow at once. I often paused and waited for the information to come, and again and again I’d look out to sea and listen to the waves lapping on the rocks.
The only time I felt the distractions and truly heard my environment’s noises was in the longest pause when I waited for three signs about my future hubby. Then, the rest came in stilted but determined bits—almost as if it was being discussed or decided what it was safe for me to know about him. Sometimes, I guess, knowing too much can be detrimental—divine planning and all that 😀

When the letter was complete, I thanked Vesta and my guides who held the sacred space, and sent blessings out to the world. I felt really good, especially as I could do one of the recommendations within the following two hours. It was a very good morning for me 🙂

So, there you have it. Will you be giving it a try yourself? If so, always, always, remember to put up a sacred space around you in this type of meditation.

And if you still want me to channel your Valentines letter from Vesta, Cupid, Lakshmi, Shakti, Angus Ogg, or Quan Yin, then drop me a line here until 10 February 2019.

May your Love be strong, true and in front of you!


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