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Channelled Valentines Letters Plus Messages For You

Three very brave people requested the channelled Valentines Letter from one of the six deities.
Siren Tarot was one of them, and the other two I’ll keep anonymous.

While meditating, I waited for the deity with the messages to come forward, then wrote down what they dictated.
The results were quite enlightening, and I’m very grateful to the three individuals who trusted me with this exercise. I don’t yet know if the messages resonated with them, but I can honestly say that I received a bit of a wake up call, too! So, I thought I’d share some insights and thoughts that may apply to many of us, and to share some snippets from the letters of the two who consented to sharing.

Even better, I asked the six deities to give us general messages just for you. I was surprised at the predictions and response. Let me know what you think. But first, more about the channeled letters.

What was really interesting to me, was that each deity had a very different approach, but kept to a theme, or one major message, for their receiver. And most had a sneaky sense of humor. With my own letters included, themes varied: faith and compassion for oneself, love and life-path/career inter-relation, over-thinking love and feelings, divine timing and fate, intimidation/being seen as intimidating, reconnecting with self, and belief in love. I’m going to concentrate on the three themes I feel are most relevant: faith and compassion, love and career inter-relation, over-thinking feelings. Most of these messages we’ve heard before, but perhaps, we have all the answers within us already, and these are just the reminders that we need.

Faith and Compassion: Quan Yin

when you lose faith in yourself quote
‘When you lose compassion, you lose faith. When you lose faith, you lose a part of yourself, or your world.’

My thoughts on it:
I thought this profound. So easily and quickly, we show compassion for everyone but ourselves. We’re eager to show/prove our faith in an idea/creation or belief, but so seldom in ourselves and our own creations. Perhaps this is how wildly successful people achieve their goals, by being more compassionate to themselves than we are.

By not allowing ourselves to truly believe in ourselves and our abilities or worth, we are truly making our world’s smaller and smaller, losing those parts of ourselves in the process. At some part in our lives, we’ve all got the feeling that a part of ourself was dying. Now, we know how to prevent it happening again.

… Do not confuse it with self-esteem. The faith I talk about is a knowing—a self-knowing…

My thoughts on it:
They do seem one and the same: self-esteem and faith in self. I pondered this a while, and while I could feel the difference, I’m currently hard put to express what I feel the difference is. Perhaps this is highly personal. You may want to meditate on this yourself, after all: she is referring to self-knowing 😀

When one door closes, another opens, but you need faith to step through.

My thoughts:
Absolutely. But again, it’s faith in self—that you can deal with whatever comes your way when you step through that door.

Seeing no further than one’s nose never got any one very far, much less focussed on the truth.

My thoughts:

Funny 😀 I felt this is a saying the person I channeled for was familiar with. Maybe something their mother or grandmother used to say. But also very, very true. The truth seldom lies between your eyes and the tip of your nose 😀


Life-path and Love:  Lakshmi

This was the most personal letter, I feel, which kept hammering the point that we have to be happy in our career/life path before we can see the love around us.

‘It seems to me that your overriding concern for your child and the little creatures you take under your wing are your call to duty—your show of love in the world at this time.’

My thoughts:
Siren Tarot mentioned she’s a mother, and I liked that Lakshmi addressed this at once. Though not a mother myself, I do know that the duties of motherhood/fatherhood can be overwhelming and often leave little space for yourself, much less romantic love. I liked how Lakshmi expresses this as ‘your show of love in the world’. It made me wonder what mine is at this time.

‘…but how can romantic love come if you are not following your true path in life.’

My thoughts:
I’ve heard this before, but forgot it along the way. We get so stuck on making a gesture to love that we end up sacrificing more than we intended, or more than we thought we would. I also think life-paths and purposes change more than we think. Each phase of our life may bring a new purpose. It’s important, I think to realign with the next life-path we’re to take. Otherwise we may end up stagnant, wondering why things aren’t working out.

‘I do not deal with twin-flames until they have earthly significance. Your spiritual path with them is strong, but your earthly path differs.

My thoughts:
Siren Tarot did mention waiting on her twin-flame, and as one who’s experienced that waiting, I felt for her. This was very interesting to me—that twin-flames should have earthly significance if we are to have a romantic relationship with them. I found this comforting, because after my long wait and sacrifices I am still no closer to being with my twin-flame. Perhaps our earthly paths are too divergent. And I think that’s okay, but perhaps not everyone would agree with me.

Fridays are for you. Give your best to Fridays, give the best to yourself.’

My thoughts:
This was part of Siren Tarot’s advice. I loved it. I think we forget to ‘give the best’ to ‘ourselves’ especially parents and those of us who follow a life path of service.


Over-thinking love: Shakti

I don’t have full consent to share this letter (I forgot to ask), so I took some messages, which I’m sure the receiver won’t mind me sharing with you.

Takes bravery to feel love.

It does, doesn’t it? Allowing yourself to feel the full spectrum of love is scary! It’s overwhelming! It’s life changing. For those who don’t like feeling giddy, perhaps it’s too much to process. It’s easy to protect yourself from such intense feelings and unpredictability in your life. It’s probably easier, short-term, to face a charging elephant. Am I right?

‘Feelings are for feeling. Thoughts are for thinking.

Okay, I pulled one quote. This one made me laugh, but how true! I’ve been guilty of this myself 😀 We over-analyze and forget to trust the feelings.

How can you feel truly loved if you constantly think instead of feel?
All that energy and time spent thinking and re-thinking…I got the feeling Shakti was trying to convey that it would be easier and more healthy to allow feelings to flow rather than create energetic blockages by constantly analyzing feelings and the reasons for them.

Thinking less=feeling more

Healthy and energy saving for sure!


General Messages for my blog-readers and Patrons:

Love this year is going to be different—in a way, more traditional, more domestically inclined because stability is needed. It’s going to be down to earth and frivolously fun at times, but mostly geared towards committed relationships, honesty and building relationships of significance. The time of players is over, and cheaters will be found out. How they will be perceived, moving on, will depend on their circle and the personality of their spouse. Think again of the old myths. It’s time that many will emulate them.
However, I caution against jealous revenge. Jealousy is natural—human—but it need not be…devastating. Communication and compromise is what is important. I have learned my lesson, and now I have passed it on to you.


With such domesticity, romance is important, especially between couples. Make an extra effort to be romantic—not just in February, but all the time. Little things can be romantic: small gestures, small gifts, little surprises.

And it’s time to be vulnerable, not see your spouse as a ‘competitor’. Open your heart fully.

And have fun! Romance should be fun!


But don’t forget seduction. That’s important, too. Take your time with your date/lover. Let them get to know you. Let them be surprised and seduced by you being yourself. And be open to surprises in love: unexpected communication, unexpected declarations in love, love moving faster. Like Vesta says, more commitment is here. You’ll be surprised how quickly ‘just hanging out’ becomes serious love affairs this year.

I am giving more thought to where I aim my arrows for now. Love is no longer blind, but it is unconditional. After all, how can you have unconditional love if it is blinded to a fault?


Honesty in all things brings in the luck. Especially honesty with yourself and what you need in life and love. You have the power to make things just so.


Be true to your heart, your centre, your true calling in life. Go with the flow. Let joy dance in your heart. Love from your heart. It is energy which is ever renewing: you, your love, the people and creatures around you. If you fear blocked love, dance. Dance is good this year 😀


Be wise in love. Be wiser in life. The one affects the other and the other affects the one. You are whole. Do not compartmentalize yourself and your life; it weakens the whole. Trauma from the past may wish to travel with you, but it is not good to let it do so. New times are here. If your hands are full carrying the old, you have little to touch the space you travel through. Let the past go so you can better choose what of the now and the future is best for you to take forward.


And there you have it. Lots to think about, lots to feel into.

Let me know what you think.

My greatest of thanks and gratitude for this month of learning and insights to:

Vesta, Lakshmi, Quan Yin, Shakti, Cupid, Angus Ogg for their awesome messages and reminders. You guys rock!
Siren Tarot for her bravery in being the first to trust me with this channeling, and for sharing her wonderful energy. Love to you
My two anonymous beautiful, souls who also requested channeled letters, and to the one who consented to sharing. Hugs and love to you.
To wee brither and kleinsus, beautiful soul-mates, who provided me with the perfect spots in which to meditate this month past. Love you lots.
And to Solsdottir for sparking all this sharing! And for introducing us to more and more deities. Love and light to you!

Which just leaves one more thing:
Happy Valentines Day to you, and may your love grow brighter and grower with each passing day. And if you are not yet with your love, may you find them sooner than soon!



stock photos sourced from Pixabay.com


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