Whisked Away To The Land Of Oz

I meant to write an update yonks ago (as we used to say yonks ago) but…you know how time flies. And between feeling oodles and oodles of guilt about not posting an update and not replying to my extremely good writing and blogging friends’ wonderful new years greetings (yes, it wasn’t that long ago, now, was it?) I just…I didn’t forget! I honestly didn’t. I just got caught up in the web of time—much better than getting caught up in a web of crime, I’m pretty sure…But it still ‘leaves One flabbergasted’ as my fave unicorn, Graandas would probably say.

Quest for the Wholly Pale Episode 1

Now, before I get to Graandas and the Quest For The Wholly Pale, I must let you in on the probable reason I didn’t update this blog much, nor written back to my dear and very sweet writing friends. The probable answer (as it so often is with me) could be kangaroos (and I’m thinking that’s what you’re thinking) but you’re wrong this time.


The answer for why did Leenna get caught up in that web of time is….

Wheatbelt Bandicoot York
What the,,,?

Ja. I can guess what you’re thinking, nevertheless before I start getting into all about the above, I must quickly tell you about the past…how many months has it been? Never mind. Here’s what you should know…


Settle Down Now

Settle Down Now Book Cover by Leenna NaidooBook cover serial version Settle Down Now by Leenna NaidooThe revision is done and dusted! So is the publishing of the new version. I thought you deserved more than one format to suit any varying budgets. So, you can find Settle Down Now Revised Edition as a full-length novel (available at selected eBook stores and libraries, including iTunes, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble), or as a 5-part serial with the Part One free from most other eBook stores including Kobo, Overdrive, and Scribd. Don’t forget to ask your local librarian for an e-copy either.

Ebook cover unsettled by leenna naidoo prequel to Settle Down NowUnsettled (the prequel or Scottish bits) is also out and available as a free downloadable serial for my Patrons. But anyone can download Part One for free at selected e-Book stores.

Quest For The Wholly Pale

Book cover Quest for the Wholly Pale by Leenna NaidooI’ve completed Season 1! And wow! What a personal quest it was for me. I love that Graandas makes a semi-permanent appearance for Episodes 9 to 10. I’m so chuffed at the ending, which isn’t a cliffhanger, and which opens up so many possibilities for Season 2. So many, in fact, that I’m not quite sure how I’m going to proceed with it. But I have time! Yes, because we’re busy with the final edits (I hope) for the print version of the entire Season 1. I’m totally excited and can’t wait for it to be available at Book Depository and other global print bookstores! I’m so proud of myself and am very grateful to the FV team for their help and support. I honestly believe this is the best I’ve ever written. And I’m now ready to tackle a TV series. Hey, it’s only taken twenty-odd years for me to be this confident about my writing and plotting of a series, but who cares!

If you still haven’t had a peek at the series, which is written in episodic form and is much more professional and well edited compared to this post, free episodes are still available up on the readers’ StoryShop app for IOS and Android.


Ja, so I finally found the courage to do the YouTube thing. I decided to go with the tarot channel, but I plan to add more interesting content for writers, too. The channel is WriterstarotwithLeenna. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like me to cover in a Pick-A-Card reading, please let me know. In the meantime, I’m finding great story prompts and characters in some of the readings. And getting to know my subscribers is fun!


It’s coming together slowly, much slower than anticipated, but I’m getting there now that Quest Season 1 is mostly done.
I’ve gotten more writers’ prompts up there, and I’m also moving more of my flash fiction and other writing, including some WIP material to it in the future. So, if you feel it’s too long since you’ve read something new from me, head over to my Patreon. There’s free public posts, more patron only posts, and a few tier-only posts. If you like the content and to support me, I’d love to have your patronage!

The less then definite wuide to the lands of paranormal romance by Leenna Naidoo

Paranormal Romance Guide

So, my old writing buddy (he’s not old, quite young actually—just that time-web weaving it’s warping perception) the one and only S.Shane Thomas, has generously added me to his regular writers for Land Of LoL on Sciencefantasyhub.com.
My little project is inspired by my favourite author DWJ’s Tough Guide To Fantasyland. Check out my first few entries which include Alphas and Wildlife, and while you’re there, give Parodia and Emryreal Archives a look. Shane’s parodied me (along with some wonderful indie scifi and fantasy writers), and Joel Roosa (author of Archives), an old Critter buddy, is always fun to read. And, just up, is a new Fantastic Beasties type series as well, The Bestiary by John Meszaros.

Whisked Away To the Land of Oz

Dog by Leenna NaidooDog too by Leenna NaidooSo, November last year was Dad’s 70th —his Whiskey Birthday as it’s become known—which was spent with Family in Oz. The trip happened totally out-of-the-blue. There I was planning all the writing and catching up I was going to do as 2018 ended, next thing I know there’s a flurry of Stuff Happening and I’m standing in Oz, as bewildered as Dorothy, in shiny red sandals with Dawg wanting a walk, and CeeCee watching out for flying monkeys. or maybe it was kookaburras ‘cos I’m pretty sure you don’t get flying monkeys in Oz. Moral of the story: be careful what you read in front of your pets. But I digress.

So, Dad’s birthday in Oz turned into Christmas in Oz. And what a year-end surprise it was for this almost penniless writer! Except. Well, you know how I can be about Christmas-time and pressies. I kinda decided to be all crafty and make as many gifts as I could, what with the budget and everything. Days of Frankenstitching later, and realizing that I wasn’t going to ever be able to finger-knit CeeCee a decent-looking sweater or scarf in time, and (horrors of horrors!) I had to face the fact that I was caught up in the web-of-time-thing ‘cos episodes needed completing, book covers needed making, and I hadn’t written a single new story in…yonks!
But taking Dawg for walks (we had rules, serious rules) and helping keep CeeCee cool was very grounding for me. And now, that I’m back home, I miss my doggie-niece and nephew.

Christmas was all the way in Sydney, and while the rest of the family did the tourist thing in sweltering heat, I had a mini writer’s retreat in a very comfortable study,  partially disentangling myself from that web-of-time fiasco. I got stuck on Quest’s final episode, and rather than give myself another migraine over it, I left that for when I got back to Perth (Oz*). Along the way, I got to sit by the plane window and spot those almost mythical pink lakes over South Australia and WA! For me, it was one of the highlights of this visit as during my previous cross-country journeys I been on the Indian-Pacific, and while that was awesome, pink lakes were not part of the scenery.
*My Perth location default is always the original in Scotland.

The New Year was quiet, and a little sad as an old friend of mine lost her mum and I couldn’t be present to support her. But the rest of the month was peaceful. I got cracking on the all-important Episode 10, finishing it just a week or so before we left for home. I even had a glass of some of Dad’s birthday whiskey to celebrate.

Ferguson valley landscapeWe were also very lucky to have spent Australia Day in the country, at very special place called the Ferguson Valley. I’m planning on writing more about that trip in another post, so I won’t say much about it except it’s the only place I saw an emu—a baby emu. It made my day, and with me only seeing three kangaroos the entire trip (yes, only three live ones over a three month period) and only hearing kookaburras twice, that little baby emu was a very special sighting for me.
To be honest, I did spend most of the time indoors, but we did go on day drives to the country. All the same, this brought home to me that WA seems to be losing it’s wildlife diversity at a truly alarming rate. Just ask the crows. I counted 13 the one day over a 4-5km walk. Not that I mind crows, but that can’t bode well for the native bird population methinks.

Butterfly Ferguson Valley

So, time flew. Much happened. I found a balance between work, family and downtime for myself. I loved that I got to do some meditations and hang out with the doggies. I love that I got to spend more time with family, and that I completed my first project for a long format story publishing contract. And I loved that I got to spend some quality time in a great museum. But it all happened so fast, made even more bewildering by a series of personal revelations and a strange mixture of old and new energies.
This was what surprised me the most—and I’m sure you noticed it too—that so much happened in so short a time, like a whole lot of life was being crammed into a short space of time.

And as for this…
Wheatbelt Bandicoot York art installation 2018
This is an art installation in York, near Perth. It took me some time to figure out what animal this is, thanks to a museum visit and some 18th century French explorers. Bandicoot speciment WA Maritime Museum French Explorers Exhibit
An article in a local newspaper confirmed my identification. This is the miniature bandicoot. I know, I was stunned too. That was not what I thought a bandicoot looks like. It’s been reintroduced to the Wheatbelt region in Southern Western Australia. Strange fact, when driving the Albany highway, you now see roadsigns for the bandicoot, but not kangaroos. I can’t get over how much that region has changed in five years…that web-of-time at work again.

That’s it, folks! I’m going to look up Crash Bandicoot to see if they looked anything like Mini-Wheat Bandicoot over here.

Don’t forget to check out my Patreon, or say hi on YouTube if you’re hanging out there. And I promise to keep to more timely updates and posts—if that web-of-time doesn’t get me first!

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