Personality Quiz: Quest For The Wholly Pale Edition

Which Quest For The Wholly Pale
character are you?
What of your secrets can we glean
from your result?
Take this simple quiz, and hang onto your secrets—if you can!

Keep a tally of the number of points for each of your answers. Add your points at the end of the quiz and follow the link to see your result.
But be warned: you may be in for more pearls of truth than you expect!

To Drink:

Illustration of hand holding a beer bottle

a) tea 5
b) beer 1
c) craft beer 4
d) Amethyst Ichor (Liqueur) 7
e) Don’t drink 6
f) ink 3
g) Whatever the company is drinking 2

To Eat:

Hand-drawn burger and fries

a) a good stew 5
b) fisherman’s pie 1
c) crawn (never mind the stench) 2
d) mutton and onions 4
e) knowledge 3
f) wheatgrass 7
g) cake 6

To read:

Hand drawing illustration of lifestyle concept

a) The Mostly Illustrated Guide to The Resting Places of The Great Merlin.” (iconic edition) 7
b) The Social Planet guide 4
c) Tam Jenes—Story Of A Foundling 1
d) Lady Chattering’s Mother 2
e) Pride and Exodus 6
f) Romantic Tales Of The Knights Of Rheged 5
g) people3

Preferred Transport:

Hand drawing illustration of freedom concept

a) Emrys 3
b) magic carpet 7
c) broomstick 1
d) portals 6
e) The King and Queen Cruise-liners 2
f) own feet 4
g) whatever’s local transport 5

Favorite Vacations:

Camping glasses

a) onboard a King and Queen Cruise-liner 7
b) a camel tour of Camelless5 2
c) attending the Corn festival on Avonnear 1
d) don’t take vacations 3
e) A 3-week stay on Tellus 6
f) hanging out at Lyberry 5
g) Some place new… 4

The Best Things In Life Are:

artwork by Leennascreativebox

a) for the taking 6
b) found in unlikely places 5
c) so because of the people around you 1
d) Love and Romance 2
e) worth protecting 4
f) preserved 3
g) gained with knowledge 7

Add up your points and follow the link to get your result 😀

Find out who’s coming into your life and how they’ll show you love as revealed by our Quest For The Wholly Pale characters.

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