Waay Overdue News September 2019

Yes, I’ve lost track of time again. I’ve been meaning to post some news since…Let’s see…July! And here we are already at the end of…September! What, already? To say this year’s been flying by would be an understatement! More like this year is on some faster-than-light/time drive—like the opposite of being pulled into a black-hole. A light-hole. Or time-hole…I don’t know. My brain’s finding it all hard to compute, so I’m going to leave those thoughts over there and tell you about the news instead. There’s my super-duper Patreon offer which I forgot to tell you about (oops!), some news on Quest For The Wholly Pale, my blog and YouTube having their anniversaries, how the Tarot for Writers at Savvy Authors went, and maybe some other stuff if my brain can drag itself out of the blinding light-hole.

The Super-duper magic Patreon Offer!

So, if you’ve been watching my YouTube channel or follow me on FB you’ll know about this one. Till 1 October 2019, new sign-ups or upgrades to any of my Patron Tiers get two Oh-My-Gosh-Really-Bonuses! You get (drum roll, please) a Free mini-reading (tarot or LeNormand) to a maximum of 10 mins. And (longer drum roll, please) a Free 1-year Subscription to my favorite online speculative fiction magazine Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores! Omigosh, really, you do from only a $1 a month!
So, grab the super-duper magic offer super-quick or forever regret it and all that.

But before we move on, be sure to check out all the awesome stuff CRES offers intelligent, science and magic seeking readers. If you want just the great stories, consider subscribing to CRES. You get stories, podcasts, articles, interviews and more sparkly content coming soon 😀

Quest For the Wholly Pale

I got my copy! Mum’s reading it first. It arrived last week and has already been featured in one of my YT vids. I think it looks pretty good despite the print cover being a little darker than expected. The inside layout looks awesome. This is quite a momentous time for me as this is the first book WITH MY NAME ON THE COVER at home. Considering the thousands of paperbacks that have been in and out of our door over the past 40 years, I feel very blessed!

Fran Eiseman was the first to complete reading the full story, and that’s who inspired this ice-cream and cake meme.
I couldn’t resist making this poster, too, while in my retro-let’s-recall-80s-magazine-ads phase 😀 And doesn’t it just make you want to grab a copy of Quest for your next beach/island vac?
Which do you prefer, the ice-cream or the sailing?

Quest For More Wonder Tales

The Quest For More Wonderful Tales FB event was fun! We had some great conversations, games, giveaways, and links to follow. I snagged an ebook I’ve really enjoyed and will tell you more about it in my TBR post on my other blog. I also got winners in my giveaways to name a planet and a character for Quest S2! It was great fun working with Fran Eiseman and Stephanie Barr on those.

Take the Quest For The Wholly Pale Personality Quiz!

And if you haven’t yet taken the Quest Personality Test, you should! I’m incredibly lucky to have a few Emrys’ in my life, met and enjoyed talking to a Graandas, and realized there’s more to a Morag than I thought! Sadly, I can’t take the quiz myself as I know the key, so I can be Parchment today or Dierder tomorrow ;-/


My bloggiversary has come and gone in late August! Five years already. WordPress sent me a ring or rather a wreath of some sort. At least someone remembers ‘cos I plain forgot. So, five years, over 20 000 views, 13 000 visitors, and about 140 posts. Thank you! And WordPress, too! I love my blogging home and am so glad you do as well 😀

So, my YouTube anniversary was this month. It’s only one year and, sadly, no ring nor wreaths nor flowers from YT. Never mind, I still love that I have over 67 000 views, 470 subscribers and over 90 available videos 😀 It’s been fun even though I missed goal I’d been hoping to reach that would have allowed monetization. I’ve learned a lot and as long as it’s fun and I have the data, I’ll keep posting to Writerstarotwithleenna on YT!

Tarot For Writers Course

The Tarot For Writer’s course at Savvy Authors was something I’d been stressing about. My first online course presentation went much better than expected. Savvy Authors has a good, stable platform and process which I recommend. I couldn’t have asked for matters to go smoother, with only the one technical hitch on an audio. I didn’t have as much interaction as expected, but given the nature of the course, it’s not surprising. I got a great review, which made my day, and I hope to run more courses with Savvy Authors in the future.
If you missed this course on Plotting and Characterisation, you can catch it on my Patreon at the end of this year on the highest tiers.

Ya, so, with all this going on I haven’t been writing as much. There’s also been lots of catching up with friends and family, so much so that it feels like December already! But I should be able to knuckle down and get some writing flow going pretty soon. Quest S2 is my priority as I don’t want to disappoint its new won fans. Then there’s a brand new serial for my patrons…well, I kinda started it in Yulin, and it’s time for that story to bloom. And, no, I haven’t forgotten Situation No Win. Funny thing happened while I was prepping for the Tarot Course. I think I found the ‘true’ starting point of Tom’s story. Now all I need is a month or two get it in shape. I getting there. I’m getting there!


ShoutOuts and Thanks in no particular order!

Sam Taylor: I’ve mentioned my writer buddy Sam’s début will be coming out next year with Swoon Reads. She’s also one of the mentors for this year’s PitchWars! Congrats to Sam and her chosen mentee!|
Laszlo Zackarias: Sending gratitude to him for the awesome cover of Quest! Laszlo designed it last year to my brief and exceeded expectations. I love how distinctive it looks alongside similar titles. Thanks, Laszlo!
Vida Li Sik: Writer friend, Vida Li Sik’s second book in her Heart series is out. It’s a great series which takes a different look at a family dealing with one of them being a convict.
Ives M: my newest superfan and fun person to talk to 😀
Mliae from Lifexperiment Blog sending out the word on Quest and for some sustainable inspiration 😀
Fran Eiseman who’s given me more support than the Eiffel Tower has 😀
And all my new Patrons! You rock 😀

PS. Two fun interviews coming up over the next few days with a cool writer, and one of my favorite portrait and quirky artists! Stay tuned! And get that special offer. It’s OMG-for-real! But only for now ;-D


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