All The News November/December 2019

A lot’s been happening since August, though sadly I’ve been writing less. But, I have finally gotten down to revising Situation No Win! Ja, ja, it’s only taken about five years, but better late than never as S.Shane Thomas says (along with some nice things about Quest For The Wholly Pale). Before I seriously start rambling around like a golden haggis around a hill (have you heard about that one? If not let me know) and lay it out all nice-like for you, by telling you what I’ve really been up to.

But in case you can’t wait: Mostly family and friends stuff.
More about that later.
First the real news!

Quest For The Wholly Pale

Emrys and friends garnered another 5-Star review, this one from S.Shane Thomas who said that he’d pay dearly for a copy if he hadn’t received one from the publisher! He also had this to say:

Clip of review of Quest For The Wholly Pale on Amazon. review of Quest For The Wholly Pale
Stack of 3 signed copies of Quest For The Wholly Pale by Leenna Naidoo`

And these are the first ever copies signed by me! It was terribly exciting, even though two were for family members.

I spent about an hour practicing my autograph, then took out a very special pen given to my years and years ago by my friend GS who’d always believed in me being a published writer one day. Almost a decade later, it felt good to finally put that pen to the use I told her I would. Yep, if you’re serious about being a writer you have to be in it for the long haul. It helps to have the great friends and support I have along the way. With that in mind, my greatest gratitude to all of you who’ve bought the book already and those who’re telling their friends about it, too!
Season 2 is coming out of germination mode and I’m hoping to have Episode 1 of Season 2 out soon. So stay tuned for more on the Wholly Pale and those who seek it 😀

Trivia fact: The special pen is red—an auspicious color in China—and it writes perfectly after almost ten years of lying dormant!

Patreon News and New Serial

My Patreon’s been coming along nicely. Besides the audios, I also released the GeekIT Oracle Cards, ran a joint promo with CRES which led to some insightful and unusual Pick-A-Card topics, and started a Writers (and creatives) Support feature.
The GeekIT Oracle is a diagnostic and divinatory oracle in a DIY kit. It’s still in its beta version as I’m hoping to get some graphics added to them in a year or two. I’m pretty excited about it all and will be using them more for my Patrons and YT videos.

Most exciting is that I’ll be adding an all new serial from December 2019. The Trials Of Ryan Ramirez is set in the same universe as Situation No Win and it also begins in the Mu/Gobi desert, but I’m not sure yet if there will be much of a cross-over.

It’s a little daunting to begin serious work on this serial as I first began writing it back in 2011 when I was in Yulin, China. Ryan Ramirez was originally a South African called Robin Le Roux. As I already have a Rob leading much of Settle Down Now, I decided to change the name and some details to Ryan Ramirez to honor and acknowledge one of my long-time readers from Mexico (I don’t know who they are, only that they’ve downloaded most of my work from Mexico from Day 1!), and my Spanish readers in the US. I’ve also just started learning Spanish and I think Ryan Ramirez will keep me on track there even though I don’t plan to use Spanish in the text yet 😀 So, las gracias, mi amigos! And I hope you’ll like Ryan and his story very much 😀

Cover for The Trials Of Ryan Ramirez by Leenna Naidoo, a serial.

I’m quite proud of the cover. What do you think?

Trivia fact: Back in 2010, I planned to write six books set in the Mu desert in the same universe, and I still have bits of the various stories and characters floating around.

Tarot For Writer’s Course

The course went well back in August, and I’m hoping to do another (hopefully with SavvyAuthors again) as soon as I can decide what my topic should be.
As requested, the entire course will be available for my highest level Patreon subscribers before the end of the year to work through at their own pace. They’ll also have access to the GeekIT Oracle DIY cards as they’re all on the same tier. As part of the course, there’s a DIY Tarot kit as well.
My sister and I worked on a deck each as part of our ‘sister thing’ for her visit. This is what we did.

Leave your answers in the comments and
I’ll announce the winners on December, 1, or so.

The Situation on Situation No Win

I took some time trying to figure how to fix the beginning and the pacing, which was a major concern for beta-readers. Believe it or not, it was working on the Tarot For Writers’ course and using Situation No Win as case study for one reading that put me on track. Why I never did that before…? I guess it just wasn’t the ideal time for this story to come out, and now it is! Exciting stuff. Truth be told, it’s still a very slow process for me as there are other concerns which were also raised by the beta-readers that I need to address as well, but the core of the story and my favorite bits will stay as I hope they’ll be/are your favorite bits, too!
I also reworked the cover to take it out of the Noughties and into the Teens (are we calling this teens? Hang on, we’re going into the Twenties!) Okay, so I’ll probably update the cover again…But I’ll be sure to post an excerpt from this adventure story soon 🙂

Interview With Cat

That interview I’ve long waited on doing with my favorite Aussie artist, Cat Leonard, is up on my other blog. Read it here, and tell me if you agree about Cat’s portraits 😀

The Other Stuff

Going on to the family and friends stuff which gobbled up my writing time even as I gobbled up all the goodies and treats…
Hindus will know that July through to October is prayer season, and unfortunately mum went and fractured her arm again, so I had to stir a lot of pots! Then things got seriously social and Mercury Retrograde kicked in just to make things more interesting.

An old family friend from Portugal visited. It was nice to catch up after almost thirteen years, though sadly he didn’t get to see any of the Big 5. We went to the Berg where I mostly stayed indoors in the ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ weather. Mum did guide me on a trail she’d be been on the day before though, and we saw alcapas (yes, in the Berg), a grey cat who might have wanted to make friends (but I speak Feline worse than I speak Spanish), and many, many vultures. Then the weather spun on its heel and the temperature and rain plummeted down.

If you’d asked our friend what he thought about the weather he experienced, he’d probably tell you it was pretty bad. Still, he got the good weather, or rather the better weather, ‘cos the week my sister visited was when we had the storms (though no tornadoes in Durban, that was the PMB region) and some minor flooding. So, yes, perfect weather for tarot/art projects 😀 Sadly, all the thunderstorms meant I could get little work done ‘cos the battery on my computer is kaput.

Besides all that, I got to hang out at my friend P’s home and we chilled, catching up on movies and having a couple of girls’ and almost-girls’ weekends with my cousin, L. I called the movie-binge research for my series and discovered that most franchised action movies now seem to have ten-minute action sequences which seem awfully repetitive to me. Note to self: do not have ten pages of repetitive action in any of my series. See, research!

I also got to go to the movies three times. Gemini Man was an interesting movie plot-wise, but the CGI was a little freaky. The two other movies I unexpectedly enjoyed: Hobbs And Shaw (repetitive but to comedic effect, BTW, didn’t Mr Reynolds steal the show?), and Dora. I’ve got to say I think Dora was the cleverest of the movies and I now know why one of my student’s was named so. I could watch it again. Can you say: ‘Watch it again?’ 😀

So, there you have it. Why I kinda, sorta disappeared these past few months. Movies and social stuff. I get it all done before the holidays so I can bring you new stories through your vacation and holidays.
Ah, the life of a writer. Can you say: ‘de nada?’

Poster for Quest For The Wholly Pale

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