Channeling Valentines Letter from the Deities

Last year around this time, I offered twenty of you a free channeled Valentines Letter from Vesta, Quan Yin, Shakti, Angus Ogg, Lakshmi, Saraswathi or Cupid. Three brave people took me up on it and allowed me to share with you some of the messages they received.
In addition with my own letter and the general channeling, we got some interesting and thought-provoking messages. I said I’d do it again if the guides and deities were fine with it. Now that the eclipses and upheavals of last year are over, I’ve got the go-ahead.
This year, Mercury (both planet and deity) joins us as well. If you’re my patron, you’ll have already heard some of the channeled general messages from Mercury from November last year on my Patreon channel.

How It Works

You fill in the form below, letting me know whether you’re comfortable with me sharing some of your messages anonymously as I did last year.
I’ll take the first ten responses, and send you a confirmation email. Patrons can send me a message via Patreon or comment on the Patreon post to let me know if they’d also like a channeled message.
I’ll then do a meditation and ask if there are any messages for you from any of the deities I’m working with. Last year, each person (and myself) got one deity’s messages in our letters. Chances are it will be similar this year. I don’t choose a deity to channel for you, whomever comes through for you is whomever has a message for you. If there’s no message for you, I’ll try again until I get a response.
If you choose a Valentines Letter, I’ll do my best to email it to you on Valentines Day 2020. If you choose a general message, I’ll send that to you as soon as I can depending on the amount of time I have available, so some of you may only receive those messages in March or even after.

Requests must be submitted before 30 January 2020. I will close requests after I have ten participants or 30 January 2020 arrives.

Why Do I Do It?

It’s my way of helping a few who may really need these messages at this time, and sharing more generally applicable messages with all of you to help raise our vibrations just that little bit more, or to find our way forward if we’re stuck.

So, if you feel this is what you need, fill in the form below or contact me on Patreon if you’re one of my patrons and we’ll see what personal and collective messages come through for 2020!

With lots of love and gratitude



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